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Elsa in the Forbidden forest, Cuddling by clovercarmen5 Elsa in the Forbidden forest, Cuddling :iconclovercarmen5:clovercarmen5 112 103 ANNA'S BACHELORETTE PARTY part 1 by PwN3Rship
Mature content
ANNA'S BACHELORETTE PARTY part 1 :iconpwn3rship:PwN3Rship 7 7
I got this (Elsa and Subzero) by RobertNat I got this (Elsa and Subzero) :iconrobertnat:RobertNat 7 5 Elsa by Arukia Elsa :iconarukia:Arukia 99 18 Elsa by Arukia Elsa :iconarukia:Arukia 9 0 Elsa by Arukia Elsa :iconarukia:Arukia 16 16 Frozen by GBMelendez23k Frozen :icongbmelendez23k:GBMelendez23k 9 10
Herz Aus Eis pt. 1
Elsa strolled through the forests of Arendelle, Prince Hans was taken care of two weeks ago, and the queen could finally relax again, her sister was inside the kingdom having a great time with her new friends. Elsa preferred the alone time. The snowdrifts danced like ghosts in the wind, as the beautiful night sky glowed warmly as the sun set on the kingdom, the hill she was on gave her a glorious view, she could see the villages, the lakes where workers toiled sawing the ice, and, “wait what is that? “ she thought, looking at an odd sight to say the least, it appeared the sunset tonight was accompanied by a strange tear in the sky as well, but rather than a cloud as she initially suspected this hole was merely twenty feet off the ground and down the hill from here. A strange figure leapt from it and landed forcefully in the snow. Elsa hid behind a tree, who ever this was; it was certainly not someone to trifle with, seeing as how he held a human spinal column in his hand wi
:iconvengefulpadre:Vengefulpadre 3 4
Elsa by JaysonHuangDraws Elsa :iconjaysonhuangdraws:JaysonHuangDraws 525 63 Halloween Waltz: Sub-Zero and Elsa by KoDraCan Halloween Waltz: Sub-Zero and Elsa :iconkodracan:KoDraCan 7 2 Lovely As Ever by KoDraCan Lovely As Ever :iconkodracan:KoDraCan 10 1 Doomsday part 7 by TexPool Doomsday part 7 :icontexpool:TexPool 6 33
Chapter 6: Surprise Visit
One week passed since Liang and Kristof rescued Elsa and Anna from the hands of Hans. His plan failed but now Elsa and the stewards had to deal with the situation of the southern island’s kingdom, a letter was sent with the medallion than Hans was wearing that day, it was the only thing that Liang found back in the hideout. Even after Hans’s action was punished by death, he was still a son for a father and a mother and they needed to know what their son did, and what his fate was.
The letter didn’t mention the way Hans was kill for obvious reasons, instead it said that Hans had fallen from a cliff and his body was buried by stone and ice. It also said that the King and Queen of the southern island could take all the time they needed to dedicate a funeral ceremony for their deceased son; Arendell will receive them when they are ready.
Arendell was once again back to normal, everyone was working hard, hunter, traders, inns keepers and even the local bars. Since it was t
:iconwritealone:WriteAlone 5 6
Chp 5: The Cryomancer Assassin and the Mad Prince
*Read the descriptionn for some clarifications*
*Note: "speacking"
*Warning: contain violance, read it at your own.
They wake up in a strange chamber, it was made of stone and iron, one of the walls was made of iron bars, it was a cell or a dungeon. With a bucket of water in the corner, two small beds made of hay on the far wall, a wood table with two chairs on its sides. The cell was illuminated by torches on the other side of the bars.
“Elsa, are you alright?” Anna was worried for her sister; she didn’t realize she was enchained to the wall.
“I’m fine Anna. What about you”
“Well, beside the fact that we were kidnapped and the chains I’m fine.”
Elsa looked to her hands; they were chained as well, but also encased in metal. It was to prevent her to cast any form of magic or blast trough her hands.
“Whoever did this, knows about my powers, also I don’t see any windows or hear anything so we
:iconwritealone:WriteAlone 7 11
Chapter 4: The hunt begins
*Read the description for some clarifications*
It was a nice, sunny summer day, the birds were singing the sky was blue; it was a perfect day to go out and enjoy. And now thanks to Kuai Liang their were all out and enjoying.
All the people was happy, it has been three months since the great winter and the town already forgot about it, they didn’t blame the queen for what happed, after they were witness of Han’s attempt of murder, they forget about the winter and now everything was back to normal.
As the group walked by the street of town, the people greeting them with smiles on their faces.
“Our beautiful Queen and princess it’s such an honor see you” some said
“Good morning your majesty, please take this as a gift” A kid offered a flower to Elsa; he was red like a tomato.
“Thank you young man” Elsa reached the boy’s hand and grabbed the flower he was holding.
The moment she take the flower the boy ran back to his parents smil
:iconwritealone:WriteAlone 6 4
Carrie/Elsa by Jackunzelforever123 Carrie/Elsa :iconjackunzelforever123:Jackunzelforever123 53 21
Just saw a friend share this on facebook, but I couldn't find the original image in anyone's gallery so I am sharing it through this means…

The pairing is still going strong.
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