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Mighty Dragon - Commissioned Comic

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By Elryk-Vail   |   
© 2020 Elryk-Vail
Let the mightiest of dragons grace Ulfrheim !


Link to import/ID#: ID#937 Roe, the Adventurous
Link to Tracker: Roe, the Adventurous's Tracker
Activity: Adventuring
Additional Bonus Items:
Amulet of the Queen - Removes the ability for its owner to fail any activity.
Black Market Map - +5% chance to return more valuable items while participating in any activity.
Black Cat - Increased chance you will return with more valuable loot in usual group activities by 5%.
Cloverscale - Unlock the ability to locate snake eggs in any activity.
Seahorse - Small chance to return a commonly rolled trait token in any usual group activities.
Beast Tamer - Being so in touch with the world around you increases your chance to return with companion animals.
Blessing of the High Queen - You have gained Freyjas favor, providing a +5% chance to return more valuable items while Adventuring.
Bountiful - Increase the items located in activities from the usual 1-3 to 2-4 instead. (Does not stack with the Beaver companion)
Favored - Unique Provides a 10% chance to return a reputation scroll in any and all activities
Fertilicious - Unique Small chance to return a Fertility Potion while participating in group activities.
Lone Wolf - Increases your chance of obtaining more valuable items by 5% when pictured alone in activities.
Lucky - Allows you to encounter an unknown/sire or dam on your travels, which will then result in creating offspring.
Overachiever - Your urge to achieve allows you to locate special titles in any activity.
Passive Soulmate Bonus - Allows both soulmates the ability to locate revealable items while exploring the lands of Ulfrheim together.
Time Traveler - You have travelled far and wide. Your knowledge provides a chance to return an Elixir of Time while adventuring, fishing, and tracking.
Level 4 - 3% chance to return more valuable items while adventuring.


Roe, the Adventurous 937, Little Salami Salamander @ Risketch 
Art @ Elryk-Vail 
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MrsEvelynHobbyist Digital Artist
Oh my gosh, this is the cutest freaking thing I've ever seen.
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RisketchHobbyist Digital Artist
AHAHA YOU ACTIVATED MY TRAP CARD!! Roe summons her Blue Eyes White Dragon!

He....is just /way/ too cute.
Elyrk you are AMAZING. Absolutely amazing. I love everything about this, it's way too good T_T 
How dare you be so amazing.
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Elryk-VailStudent Digital Artist
Thank you soso much Ris !! ;; A ;; :heart: and thanK YOU FOR GIVING ME THE CHANCE TO DRAW THIS ADORABLE MAN