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How to draw the wolf - in Ru

By Elruu
I'm making a book about mistakes in drawing animals these days. As an addition I'm going to explain how to depict most popular animals. I have finished raven theme first.

Tutorials in Russian:
~ How to draw the Tiger ~ [link]
~ How to draw the Raven ~ [link]

Tutorials in English:
~ How to draw the Raven ~ [link]
~ How to draw the Wolf ~ [link]
~ How to draw the Tiger ~ [link]
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Ура! На русском! Спасибо!
Vigolw's avatar
По Вашему уроку и училась рисовать анатомично)))
KiliijaNikka's avatar
Oh, I remember first time on the internet - I searched some images and this popped out. Nostalgy :)
dragonballd7's avatar
lolz it says bonk
useful anyways
Psyhopat's avatar
Класно нарисовано)))) Обожаю смотреть на такие мастерские работы))))
Sunwool's avatar
спасибо =)
Amurekami's avatar
Aw, nice. But i think you'd better make it as a step-by-step drawing ^_~
hearmescream121's avatar
This is exactly the type of tutorial i was looking for!!! Amazing job!!! Thank you so much!!! :la:
Nikuloki's avatar
Спасибо! А что за книга?
Elruu's avatar
В смысле книга?
Nikuloki's avatar
Прошу прощения. Был невнимателен. Первая мысль была; "Хочу такую книгу про животных". Отсюда и пост.
Elruu's avatar
Книга будет. Затягивается с версткой. Вот только там не всё такие раскладки по деталям. Это скорее бонус.
x-Dragon-Emerald-x's avatar
wow! this is amazing! this is how i learn to draw wolves. i drew one! thx!
Grey-shadow's avatar
огромное спасибо за туториал
Marlowlover's avatar
darkshadow4523's avatar
Awesome, but I can't read it lol. Oh well I'll :+fav: it anyways. ;P
Elruu's avatar
That's what you get for not reading the comment to the submission ;)
There are links to translated tutorials.
shadoweyriegirl's avatar
Thanks to God i can read in Russian. :D
Thorn71's avatar
Thats Russian I Dont Speek that what does it say
shadoweyriegirl's avatar
Ur funny xD Heres English version


Ochen harasho shto pa rooski ^.^
Vitteria's avatar
Ñïàñèáî!!!)) Òåïåðü, ìîæåò, ñìîãó ÷òîíèáóäü ïóòíîå íàðèñîâàòü...
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