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Bleach shinigami outfit

By Elruu
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I was once asked to explain how to draw kimono. Well, here it is.
I desided to start from samurai outfit and take Bleach shinigami clothes as the example. (Maybe I'll draw female kimono later.)
Of course it's a very generilised uniform. Search i-net for more types of japanese traditional clothing if you are interested in specifics.
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thank you for the bit about the hakama! no one else seems to have a good, simple, description/ drawing of one.

ps: i love how you drew Ikkaku
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Thank you for this part about hakama ;w; I've been looking everywere for this kind of references ;w;
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So it consists of long shirt and big pants? Sry my English ^^' 
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freaking awesome :D you just saved my drawing
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Achei a primeira etapa desnecessária.
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very helpful but if u can can u post for girl shinigami too? i want to know they just put it on or do they tie their clothes. u know below white thingy around their waist. sry i am not making sense
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It's the same for girls, except for fundoshi. Fundoshi is traditionally men's underwear (I included them, because we've seen it in the anime), I suppose women wear suteteko. 
You can add chest bandaging if you want. Rangiku doesn't bother though. 
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thnx for bothering to reply. mean a lot to me.:-)
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I answer comments with questions in them. 
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Very nice tutorial
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Wow, thanks!
I'm freaking about shinigami's outfit in Bleach. You saved me *-*
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I love this tutorial!!!
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OMG thank you so much for this!!!! now i have an idea to start my Matsumoto cosplay!!!! :D
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omg! awesome! Thank you!
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This should be added by all cosplay costume sellers so that we don't have trouble wearing it. This just helped me with my hisagi cosplay costume.
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Wow....*and then you realize that all the drawings you did before were FAKE :XD:*
Thank you, I was searching for something like that, it's perfect!
Btw: Nice model =p
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This is a very unique + helpful tutorial, thank you for making it! :heart:
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This is a really great tutorial for how to put the shihakushou on!
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haha E. coli :lmao:

This is really helpful when i'm teying to design a character with whe shinigami outfit. Thanks! :D
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