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Typheus Web Browser 0.3 Alpha [Application]
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By elrunethe2nd   |   Watch
Published: June 8, 2013
© 2013 - 2019 elrunethe2nd

Now in 0.3! Hotfix should no longer be required. 


Get it here:





Change Log:

-App created.

-Homepage support added.
-Fixed user settings saving issue.
-Added SDK download link to fix crash issues and remedy botched deployment.
-Improved instructions.

-Tab title bug fixed. 
-Focus automatically given to address bar when tab opened. 
-Scaling bug when Maximized which caused the taskbar to be hidden fixed.
-Dependencies fixed, prerequisite DLLs added to package.
-Install package tweaked.



Before we begin, this is for Vista, 7 and 8.
However, provided you have the latest version of the .NET framework installed, you may be able to coax other versions of Windows to use this software.

This software is in alpha. 
No guarantees are made by the use of this software, even as to it's intended use, and no warranty is provided either implicit or explicit in it's use. 
You use this software at your own risk: I cannot be made liable for any damages that occur to you, your person or your property by direct or indirect use of this software. 
This software has been developed in the space of 10 hours. It has been tested locally on my machine and on a Windows 7 VM. 
Take that how you will. Bug reports are welcome, and users should consider it in no way finished. I can't see how it could conceivably break your Windows install, and an uninstaller is provided.

So here is this.

What it is:

This is a web browser. The real deal. It browses the web while looking cool. Purely for novelty.
It's based off of Andrew Hussie's webcomic Homestuck. So if you don't get it, go check that out or something.

What you get:
Tabs (because I love tabs)
A Homepage

It should all look like the preview. Obviously there will be variance between versions of Windows.

Tabs can be closed with the middle mouse button. This is how I manage my tabs in Chrome on my PC and I think everyone should do it this way. Furthermore, tabs were already a step away from the original project specifications that Andrew Hussie laid down when he invented this, so I didn't want to clutter the UI more with X'es everywhere.

Obvious note, I am not and cannot be responsible for unsafe browsing practices. Keep an antivirus going and be aware that if you relied on Chrome's notes like "This Website Contains Malicious Software!" you will not get those anymore. So be safe, damnit.

The Science:

For those of you that have dabbled in software development, this was created with WPF, aka Windows Presentation Foundation, which is a core component of the new GUI model for .NET. The .NET programming language I've chosen is C# because it's sweet and easy to use.

This application is a wrapper for Awesomium (yes you read that right), which is itself a .NET wrapper for Chromium (not Chrome, I stress, Chromium, the underlying technology inside it).
Awesomium is copyright Awesomium Inc.

How to use it:

1) Run the setup file

"Oh, that was easy".

        Use Ctrl+t or File > New Tab to open a new tab.
        Click with the middle mouse button on a tab header to close the tab.

        Open the bookmarks pane and hit "+" to add the current site to your bookmarks.
        Delete a bookmark with the "X".
        Bookmarks persist between sessions.

        Go to File > Set Homepage to set the current page as your homepage.

How to uninstall:

Run the uninstaller in C:/Program Files(x86)/Rune, or in the relevant start menu program group. 

B-b-b-but Installers Are For Squares!:

I guess?
You can extract this package and run it yourself. 
[Check back soon, uploading]

B-b-b-but I Don't Trust You!:

And that's fine. 
If you have a copy of Visual Studio, you can compile it yourself.
The source code is available here: [Check back soon, uploading]

Also, virus scan it first if you're so doubtful. What do you want from me?


All code and content is attributed to me.
The Awesomium Core is property of Awesomium Inc and is used freely as per their TOS.
This install software is provided by InstallSimple.
The Typheus Icon is attributed to reaper334 (thanks!!) (reaper334.deviantart.com), used with permission.
All design and the Homestuck IP is attributed to Andrew Hussie, MSPaintAdventures.


Legacy Versions:






v2.0 SOURCE:


Having trouble with this version? 
Get the Awesomium SDK from here: awesomium.com/


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DynamaticNitroChanYT's avatar
DynamaticNitroChanYTHobbyist Digital Artist
by the way do you have a browser thing for the abraxas denizen?
ijklk's avatar
Says I need net 4.5 up, but I already have 4.8!
CandyflossTrash's avatar
CandyflossTrashHobbyist Digital Artist
found a weird bug where every time I type a non-address in the search bar the program crashes but otherwise I love it :3
bluejay486's avatar
bluejay486Hobbyist Artist
it gave my computer a virus...
Welcome-to-0z's avatar
Welcome-to-0zHobbyist General Artist
Do you think you can someday make a mac version?
Cubester64's avatar
I tried to install it, but I got an error message about not having ".NET 4.5 or higher" or something along those lines. However, I am running Windows 8, and when I tired to install .NET 4 from Microsoft, it said I already had the newest version already. I would appreciate if you could answer.
-Software Trier Junkie
Gentleshy's avatar
GentleshyStudent General Artist
Donkey-Fish's avatar
Donkey-FishHobbyist Digital Artist
i love it
RidleyTheSpaceDragon's avatar
RidleyTheSpaceDragonStudent Digital Artist
Hey! I really wanna use this, but when I download it it says "You need microsoft .NET framwork!". So, I go and download it, but it ssays I aready have it! I tried the other downloads and they worked, but if I pressed any button it says "Typheus Browser stopped working".
I installed the required SDK and everything. Please help!
elrunethe2nd's avatar
elrunethe2ndHobbyist Digital Artist
I suspect you've got a new OS that ships with new versions of .NET. We're up to 4.6 iirc now.

I suspect what is happening is that the installer is checking for a .NET version number in the registry, is seeing one it doesn't recognize (because it's too new) and is throwing an error.

Not sure what you can do to fix this one tbh.
MercuryX's avatar
MercuryXHobbyist Writer
Oh weird apparently I have no choice but to search for sites using the "google" homepage that it seems to always go to when I press home. Even though I set another site as my home page.
The "address" bar doesn't seem to do anything, looks like its just for show because no site I paste into it works. "googling" for a site seems to work. And then going to it from the search list works.
MercuryX's avatar
MercuryXHobbyist Writer
Has anyone got any site to work? I am testing it out[separately] and all the sites I usually go to don't even load on it. In fact one site crashed.....
And a lot of other sites just wont load at all, it just says "loading"
MercuryX's avatar
MercuryXHobbyist Writer
Found a homepage to add to it.
MercuryX's avatar
MercuryXHobbyist Writer
wait....this is a real browser? And its 8bit? Is this a dream?
enderkidisellie's avatar
enderkidisellieStudent General Artist
why cantit be for mac T.T
elrunethe2nd's avatar
elrunethe2ndHobbyist Digital Artist
Alas, Apple do not believe in the .NET framework. Or Visual Studio.
GamerGirl1016's avatar
I'm sorry, it looks like two other people already asked, but what should I do if it gives me the .NET v4.5 update notice? I already tried what you suggested below and it did not work.
xXPhoenix74Xx's avatar
xXPhoenix74XxHobbyist Interface Designer
are there adblockers? If there are, 100% all the way with this browser.
elrunethe2nd's avatar
elrunethe2ndHobbyist Digital Artist
Alas, no. This is just a fancy C# wrapper of Chromium's internal engine to be honest. 
It would be nice, but making this fully featured would be really quite a task and I'm am a huge sloth. 

What you can do to make this viable, though, is modify your hosts file instead of using an ad blocker. There are lists you can add to your hosts file that'll block the content completely before it even reaches the browser level.
Personally, I'm using MVPS HOSTS from here: winhelp2002.mvps.org/hosts.htm

Glad you like it, either way. 
sanoy1's avatar
sanoy1Hobbyist Traditional Artist
 We really need help finding a UX designer, preferably one that has a background designing a web browser. please contact me at yonasberhe@webpushers.com
elrunethe2nd's avatar
elrunethe2ndHobbyist Digital Artist
My sincere apologies, I'm employed as a designer at this time already, and WPF probably isn't the UI facing technology you're looking for for your browser implementation. 

I wish you the best of luck, either way, and thank you for trying. I appreciate the thought. 
noobishDestoryer's avatar
Norton & Chrome Says This Application Is Dangerous. Maybe Check The Mediafire Download For Viruses?
anonymous's avatar
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