AURORA Art Collective - Exhibition IV : Yellow

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The Aurora Art Collective continue the travel through the color spectrum and onto sunny yellow. Another warm color reminding you of summer, bright flowers and beaches. But also signifying a hint of danger, both in nature with wasps and other yellow striped insects with bright yellow as a warning and in society with attention and warning signs in bright yellow throughout the world.

Please enjoy our artists exploration of this most striking of colors !

• See the full exhibition on the official Aurora web site :


• The Aurora Behance project :

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I had the same idea lol I've just made a journal because I saw we were on Behance today ^^ Congrats again to all, and happy to see you active again Maxou, your style is awesome !!!

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Justement Estelle, il faut le faire également de ton côté ! :)

tu peux très bien reprendre la même trame, copier / coller par exemple, et faire de ton côté une nouvelle entrée dans ton journal.

On n'a pas tous les mêmes followers sur nos réseaux, donc au contraire !

Et merci encore pour ton soutien <3

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De rien Maxou !! :hug: