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Crimson Star

By elreviae
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Mainly inspired by the great TV Show " The Expanse " and its amazing univers.

• Created for the Aurora art collective (2021) :…
Project with details & process on my  ArtStation Icon mid  ArtStation page :…

Created for the Aurora art collective - Exhibition 7 : Purple

• Full exhibition on Behance (iOS) Icon mini Behance :…



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Tools :
- 3dsMax
- V-Ray
- JSplacement
- Photoshop
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© 2021 elreviae
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Will do as a great acquisition on my display! :happybounce:

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This awesome!!!!

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I joined here to be inspired... your work does it for me.

Great art.

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Fantastic work Maxou !!
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Great concept. Marvellous colours, sharp contrasts.

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Excellent work! :thumbsup: ;)

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This looks amazing.

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Really good as always!

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thanks a lot mate ! :)

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did you draw that?

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Draw ? Not really. I use to work firstly with 3d software like 3ds Max or C4D for instance.

Then I use to do the final composition with Photoshop.

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Nice! May have to check out The Expanse sometime.

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The Expanse tv show is just full of inspiration for space art in general ! So yes ! Watch it for sure :)

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Nice, will keep that in mind!

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Beautiful. Love the color pallette. Your name on the ship is nice touch:)

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eh he ! :D Kind of Easter egg that use to put on my artworks from time to time (hidden among other things ...)

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I mean, I love The Expanse and this looks amazing, but I have one question - why the wings?

I'm guessing it's for aesthetic purposes but I've been trying to wrap my head around this for years: why to spacecraft mostly have streamlined designs? There's no physical resistance in the void other than gravity and solid objects. Nothing is going to slow down your movement speed or improve your maneuverability, like in water or air. Why do people design spacecraft with wings? You could literally take a piece of deformed concrete rubble and it'd perform the same.

Not that I'm criticizing your art - it's gorgeous - but has been on my mind for so long...

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Well, first of all, thank you very much for your reply, that's interesting and completely fair ! Yes of course you're right about that, I know that there is no air in space so no friction or no slow down about the speed.

But .... as an artist I just basically think about an interesting 'design' I want to create. I don't use to create what we call 'hard sci-fi' in general or just in few exception in my sci-fi gallery :)

And a last thing, yes, you can criticize my art as long as an Internet web site like deviantArt or social networks in general are totally open of course :) I mean, you can criticize or ask questions or something else, whatever, these are the rules of social networks and we are human after all ^^

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