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Covenant Expedition

Location  Origae-6
Another personal concept Alien fan art based on the Prometheus & Alien : Covenant movies.
Process & details on Artstation :…

Tools :
- Cinema 4D
- Photoshop
- Personal photo stock &
- JSplacement :
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Very cool! Really nice work! :w00t:

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Thanks a lot ! :)

detail amazing i love it
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stunning and epic as usual mate! :omg: love it!
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Thanks a lot mate ! :heart:

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The last two films destroyed the universe.

Original Alien was a Chimera from the Unknown, a horror of the Galaxy. The derelict ship itself was an Enigma - where it came from? How long ago? How it works anyway? It was a mystery of the Deep Space and it's crew of an alien origin was probably dead before the mankind even learned to sail. Both species were never seen before, the alien technology was beyond imagination and what was the connection between the dead pilot and that alien monster? Did they came from the same planet or somewhere else? Were those eggs just a cargo? A parasites that got on board? Those questions would let you dream and be afraid and shall never been answered. Suspense made the movie and questions unanswered made the franchise.

The last two films "answered" on all the questions which made the original story. And instead of the mystery of endless space where nobody hear your scream we got cheap concept of the Alien been in the end not even a result of evolution somewhere Far Away millennia ago, but a creation of a psychotic AI which hated it's creators for no apparent reason. And supposedly AI's creators were created by the aliens themselves. So Alien in the end just a human error. Oh yeah, I can see how on paper that would sound lucrative for a movie director. Such a twist! But mystery was destroyed and universe collapsed. The monster now not the perfect survivor, the dead pilot now not a riddle petrified in it's own seat thousands years ago, even ship now just a piece of equipment casually used by the newcomers, not something unbelievable, not to mention that homeworld of the great space faring race turned out to be so unimpressive and their history so dull. Of course! How that puny human could hope to imitate on screen something even remotely comparable to entire alien civilization so advanced and so ancient that they were supposedly creators of life on the Earth itself?

Some things should never been seen and if Ridley Scott now too old realize that then he must retire. Also today we have enough of Christian creationism pushed in schools instead of Modern Theory of Evolution even without him and no good comes from that. We are not going into space, we are half way back into Middle ages and many people around now believe in Flat Earth, refer to Bible about Earth's age and against contraception, abortion and vaccination and basically so deep in denial that we will see them burning scientists again soon enough.
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nailed the atmosphere mate.

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thanks mate :)

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I really love these giger-ian scenes. MOAR! :D
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thanks a lot mate ! :D I has Alien

Interesting and thrilling
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Cool! Love the Alien movies!
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thanks :)

My favorite sci-fi movies for sure ^^

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they were ok, but they don't hold a candle to the Alien franchise. I liked them, don't get me wrong, I just like the originals more.
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Sure ! Agree with you :)

First ones (Alien 1 & 2) are actually my favorite ones.

But I really enjoyed the latest Alien movies for their dark ambiance and VFX as well :)

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yeah, they definitely had the better tech on their side lol
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beautiful work
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