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Winamp iPhone

This is a Winamp skin based on the apple iphone.
This is my very first winamp skin that i have worked for over 3 months now and i'm very happy how it turned out.

I hope you enjoy this skin and please leave me any comments and if you find a bug please tell me.

I would like to thank Manicho :iconmanicho: for his iphone psd file which can be found here [link]

It is here with full cover art support for winamp 5.54, also inbuilt playlist using the power of playlistPlus and a change of appearance of the equalizer and minor fixes.

I would like to give a special thank you to the guys at the Skin Consortium :iconskin-consortium: for their great help shout outs go to martin.deimos, sLoB and leechbite.

Make Sure You Have Winamp 5.54
Alpha Blending is needed for this skin heres how to enable it

Preferences-->Modern Skins-->Alpha Blending Tab-->Check the box Enable Alpha Blending.
© 2007 - 2021 elralfaro
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Excellent thanks
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im using this like right now
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tnx for the share!
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amazing is working in my winamp thanksssss
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Excelente trabajo amigo, funciona perfectamente y el acabado es muy pulido. Gracias.
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does it work on winamp 5.6?
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This is so cool!! :D

Keep the good work ^^ and thanks for sharing :)
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thanks I have notepad + +. I need help I am creating my skin from yours and I wish it was as change the image of the menu to appear on all screen and not do it slowly from below.
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That program you used to make this wonder I want to do one other phone.excuse me my english
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Program? Do you mean Winamp?
I used notepad++ to do the coding for the skin if thats what your asking its a free tool and i highly reccomended it :)
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I just finished an iPAQ Data Messenger version of this (great) skin. The only thing I can't figure out is - how to change the default image for songs with no cover art. In such situations in your skin we get a half-transparent llama image. I would like to change it into something else but I can't find the corresponding file. Would you help me please?
I've tried to find WinAmp 5.54, but can only download the newest version, and your skin isn't compatible :( Could you please make it compatible with 5.56? Looks awesome!
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ouch really wow i havent updated for awhile been so busy ill look into it
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I have Winamp 5.56 and the skin works just fine - you should check your settings
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Very nice work! :D

It would be... super if:

Having a on-demand build-in visualization overlay the album art.
The skin would "turn" 90 degree when the "Video" button clicked. From the volume button to the info sector would switch to the top side while the controls/position switch to the bottom side. The video would take all the "screen". The video can be un-dock to a stand alone window like current version, the main window would "turn" back to default view.
The library could be dock, the skin would "turn" like when clicked video button, but this is not a full function library, it show all the media files Winamp recognized, with small button to switch view between all music file, all video files and both music and video files with album/cover art. With one button to un-dock the library to stand alone window, the main window switch back to default view, the stand alone library scene now having all of its functions.

Hope you know what i meant.

I know that is a lot of work.
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I get your idea, I have an iphone now and tonnes of ideas flow through my head to make my skin better but there are things that winamp cant do yet and flipping animations etc are just a few that it cant do unless i was a super programmer or figured how to make plugins to do stuff like the real deal, but all in due time little by little this skin may do what you ask if not more.

Thanks :)
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This is AWESOME, and the best of all, fully compatible with Winamp 5.5
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No worries

Thanks :)
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fantastic... :clap:

I'm a sucker for winamp skins...

thank you thank you!!!
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Hey Thanks im happy you liked the skin. :)
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