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a group Styxosaurus(Model from dinoraul) fishing in the North American Niobrarasea , tendering from little Pterosaurs of Nyctosaurus (base Model Pternodon from Dinoraul) , an a pair great Pteranodon (Dinoraul).
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Plesiosaurs could not lift their neck out of the water.
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;) thats right

in my mind the neck out water,the Head for air breathing and the neck a little more by the waves (not really like Swans in older Pics) ...the background Body drive out of water is more unrealistic
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Facepalm Whatever floats your boat.
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Nice picture, and a fresh composition. I thought I knew a lot about dinosaurs, but i have never seen these horned Pteranodon types before. May I suggest a tweak to your picture that might enhance the effect a little? The Styxosaurs would be glistening with water in little places, some shine, it would make them really pop out. 
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the Nyctosaurus Antler is made with GMAX and import as obj Part in poser ,the Winghands deleted in Gmnax and as New Part import to Poser
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One Question buddy how did you morph that pteranodon and if you used hexagon did you also use daz studio
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Hi Ksdinoboy :)
Thank you for your very nice Words.Wenn you have an idea, and I can help you here maybe, I do like this:)
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I am a paleofiction writer~nobody loves the paleo-artists as much as i give me the life i put words I see alot of work but YOU my friend are off-the-hook!I feel like i can dive in the water and come up in the JURASSIC PERIOD!it would honor me to have you illustrate for me sometime???
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Excellent work!
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Great composition, great reconstitution!
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:O dainasours : D
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