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Diamantinasaurus (16m) and Australovenator ( 5-6m) from the cretazeous Period of Australia (Gondwana)

rendering in Vue / esprit
Models from Dinoraul
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Diamantinasaurus also lived in Brazil, Adamantina rock formation wich gave it's name. It's rather that or I'm mistaking Diamantinasaurus for Adamantinasaurus.
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Hi AincientSpino

Diamantinasaurus matildae is a truely Aussie
found with Australovenator in the Winton Formation from Queensland.
Do you have information about Adamantinasaurus? I find on the internet, unfortunately, nothing to him :pc
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Okay, here is some information.

Adamantinasaurus mezzalirai is the dinosaur I thought was named Diamantinasaurus. It's only skeleton was found in rocks outside the usual formations, next to a road in the state of St.Paul/São Paulo.
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No problem, it's always awesome being able to tell people something new :)
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finally Australia has some kick #ss dinosaurs and from what is now being discovered in dinosaur cove it seems the earliest dinosaurs came from Australia
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goog job...

if u wanna see my 3d works ----> [link]
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It should be Australovenator, not Neovenator. Neovenator lived in England.
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thats correct ,it is teh AUSTRALOvenator! ;) a writeerror from me :nirvana:
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