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I won't bore you with the details, I'm making a TGM3 clone to play on my GPDXD (Android handheld) but I exported a flash version for testing purposes.

But yeah, anyway, the game is based on Tetris The Grand Master 3 Terror-Instinct, shortened to TGM3; which is a stupid fast arcade tetris game. The main reason I'm making this remake is because the TGM series is arcade only, and the 3rd one cannot be emulated on mame because it runs on PC hardware (Taito TypeX, and yea it can be natively played on Windows as a matter of fact)... SO WELP, that kinda prompted me to make it myself.

I grabbed all the info from the tetris wiki; if it wasn't for that I wouldn't know shit haha. The core gameplay is done, I just need to finish adding the more quirky floor/wall kicks, the COOL/REGRET system, etc. etc.

Play it here!:

* Controls: Arrow keys + ZX + C (Rotate/Hold) (Up arrow is non-locking hard drop)

here's a video

Again, this game starts slow but the speed ramps up super quickly. I heavily recommend watching the video of KevinDDR playing thru it because my game aims to play exactly like the original. Also this one has a balanced randomizer so you won't be getting 3 of the same piece in a row anymore, or anything like that hhaha

Again, I exported a flash game that can be played from the browser, so click here to try it out. It's still a WIP of course!

Lemme know what you think of it if you end up playing ^^

Also sorry for the lack of drawings!!!!!!
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I finally managed to get a GPD XD!       ( ;v; )

The GPD XD is an android based handheld, specifically designed to look as the always-elegant 3DS, and aimed towards emulators, and android games! (YEAH, the lamest way to describe it would be "a phoneless phone (or small tablet) with a gamepad attached to its butt" but that's pretty much what it is and it's exactly what I've always wanted hhaha)
Look at this video review if you're curious about it!

It has a quad-core Cortex-A17 CPU and it is strong enough to handle SEGA Dreamcast emulation (via reicast), and everything below that including Nintendo DS, MAME, DosBox, etcetera!

It costs 180$ (us dollars) and so far I super love it and it's the best thing I've ever bought for myself so far <3

Here you have it running OuO on it lol

I ordered this thing online (mercadolibre, which is like ebay but for latin america, Argentina in my case) as soon as I found out someone from my country was reselling them brand new (it's very difficult to import this kind of stuff and it's usually super expensive and sometimes you cannot get them at all, it's a long story) and two weeks later (5 days ago roughly) it arrived at my front door and I have been toying around with it since then!

Anyway, here's a review of all customization I've done to it so far:…

TL;DR I installed a custom bloatware-free rom, set up a custom launcher (TVlauncher), made some customized icons for it, installed my favorite emulators, games, apps, and here we are! 

once again the obligatory "sorry for the lack of arts" hhaha... I've had a bunch of pretty emotionally draining weeks lately (sister visiting, work fixing computers, sport events to watch, hell my CAT GOT LOST YESTERDAY and we spent all day looking for him around town and only found him at 22:00 when the town had calmed down and were able to hear his yelling from a mile away and managed to bring him back home ANYWAY IT WAS TOUGH).

but yeah
maybe I'll try to draw something one day, for now I'm happy with this shit, I haven't even "sat down and played" anything there yet but I'm still hyped and customizing it is a big part of the fun hhaha <3

anyway if you by any chance were on the fence wondering if you should buy this or not... yeah it's totally worth it if you can afford it and I very much recommend it~
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I made it over the last two days, from scratch, because I realized my old stopwatch I made 4 years ago was fine sort of but it was ugly as hell and I thought hey it's been four years and I could use something a bit more polished and also I love making apps quickly so eh why not hhaha.

Anyway, basically this stopwatch is designed for artists that want to see how much time they're actually working, and for speed drawing, and timing in general I guess.

If set to do so, the timer will pause automatically whenever SAI is not in focus (Or whatever program(s) you set it to monitor), or whenever the mouse cursor stops moving (after a few seconds).
Resumes automatically after you're back to work. [From v4.1 onwards you can select multiple programs for this!]

It also displays the total time, and the non-idle time; makes sounds whenever a minute/hour/whatever you set it to passes, and has a circle that visually represents how much time it passed. Stays always on top, the colors can be configured, and other buncha crap I forget.

I designed it so that it blends in with SAI, and so it can comfortably sit somewhere without looking like a modal window out of place haha.

So yeah, it's kind of a minimalistic mess but it works I think! If any of you been here long enough to faintly remember my old stopwatch app (from back then when I would livestream), 1. I love you, 2. this one's gonna replace it. :D

Download (v4.2c):!d9wUyCKb!_Ss8bi373Cr… (3,03 MB)

Please check if there's a newer version available at the tumblr post!:…

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Yesterday I updated the code on my art pokedex site to also account for Alolan pokes:

For those of you seeing this for the first time, basically you click on the picture of a pokemon and it searches in my gallery for it. The darkened ones are those I haven’t drawn yet. which is less than half of them woo

Check it out!

( I've also updated the journal with the latest alolan pokes I've drawn )

I also updated the random selector (… ) because bringing back old jokes.

Anyway-- yeah I guess I'm back.... sort of? Gonna try to keep it up and draw a random poke every 2 days or so. Wish me luck and hope I don't jinx it by being too optimistic! Gotta be strong and persevere haha.

Also no I don't do requests but If you want to influence me indirectly or not you can shout out a pokemon in the comments here and I may or may not consider it I mean, it's freedom of speech and I am human I enjoy being an unpredictable mess but I like things sometimes haha
  • Watching: sorry for the lack of arts!!! ;w;
a.k.a. the little art i've been making lately


and male popplio…

and that's about it the rest are just crappy lmao
also pokemon sun is good
i just bought pokemon sun from the eshop, just in time for the european release lmao. I don't even know what my character's gonna look like.
And of course I'm picking popplio.

also y'all need to get swapdoodle i've been doing shit there

iphone, android, windows, older, don't have or can't afford?
Also if you have an ipad or an android tablet, select iphone or android respectively.
I need to know mostly because I'm curious but also because you know i'm an android developer and might jump to ios if there's a significant amount of iphone users around.

I probably won't but- doesn't hurt much to ask

We have received your DMCA counter-notification. Please be aware that Tumblr is legally required to comply with all valid takedown notices we receive that are made under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act. We verify a complaint is valid before we process it.  

As such, the legal basis for your counter-notification is facially invalid. Accordingly, we cannot restore the disputed content at this time, and a copyright strike has been assigned to your account. Please note that Tumblr has a strict policy of terminating the accounts of repeat copyright infringers. Thank you for your attention to this matter.

Tumblr Trust & Safety
I can't take it, I'm not strong enough to fight the system. I'd rather start over with the new blog.

Anyway, I've renamed the blog to notfarts just in case; and set up elpatrixf2 as a redirect for now.
So yeah, it's officially my new blog now. Drop me a follow, I'll start posting stuff there as it happens.

If I get nuked again then I'm done posting stuff on tumblr.
But shit it was bound to happen eventually lol now to message back arguing that it was a fake DMCA and then hope that it get restored or else I start from scratch again; prone to gain no followers at all because all I do now is shitpost and not art.

Yeah, I'm mildly pissed at it because I lost, like 6000 followers, 2000 of them probably being porn bots but still. The biggest loss is all my shit posts and stuff I had archived for later use and read.
No biiig deal, it's either back to square one in tumblr or I start using twitter to shitpost, but nobody follows me there and I barely follow even half of the people I followed in tumblr because most of them don't even use it because they're tumblr only artists and stuff.


Oh well.
My account was nuked somewhere between the moment I posted that I was going to install the creation kit, and the moment I was going to post about how I accidentally deleted skyrim entirely by trying to re-install the creation kit and now I have to download everything again.

Frankly for some reason I'm more pissed at the fact that I have to wait 5 hours to play skyrim again.
I guess I still haven't realized whether I really lost something of real value from tumblr; like contact with friends and what not.

go d dammit

Because everyone's been asking;
also yeah, follow me on twitter.
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would any of you guys be interested in 12$-15$ sketch commissions?

I'll post the details on my tumblr in some days so keep a close eye on it if you're interested

PD: Please no "I would but I have no money" comments please.
PD2: Yeah, it'd be pretty much the same as I did some weeks ago. See this for examples…
sorry I didn't reply to each one of you individually but thanks a lot for the good vibes overall ;w;/

also gosh i got so many petilils up in tumblr and here too hnngg you guys are the best TTuTT
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and i dont have money to renew it

fuck it, and fuck me
I mean a song
posting it here too because

felt like I could since some of you don't even know I have a tumblr or for some god damn reason don't want to step in there

:bulletred:Made a "mini match me" which is a simon says clone with 8 buttons (Download in the link)…

:bulletred: Made a Pac-Man remake temporarily called "Pac-Man 5" that plays Pac-Man, Ms. Pac-Man, and Jr. Pac-Man, in "HD".
Features online-update, scrolling, options, etc.
Watch videos here:…

:bulletred: Broke a bathroom pipe trying to fix it and had to live 2 weeks without cold water (hot water was ok, we had to turn off the tankless heater but whatever it was december and it was stressing)

:bulletred: Started playing an alpha sapphire randomizer because (iron)hax 2.5 now supports romhacks…
and here's the how-to:…

:bulletred: Did no art, sorry, can't even grab a pencil right now. idk how. i'm sad and/or bored. i haven't done art in 2 months i need incentive

i've overslept and i still want to take a nap
fuck me

made a list

Journal Entry: Sat Jul 4, 2015, 10:00 AM
Professional Time Waster

CSS Skin
just giving life signals

I told myself i wouldn't be back until I finished a game or until I gave up


*stays far away from all kinds of social contact*

Dropping a bunch of videos for ya

this is a gamemplay video of the original game from 1995

and this is my in-development HD remake

give me a couple months I'm still not willing to get back to drawing porn

ah also, life update:…………………
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(plz see the full journal there's GIFs in here)

Technical info here:……

if ya wanna test it yourselves it's too cpu intensive so you wont get more than 20 fps don't give me no nerdy critique i know already it's not optimized…
The game is a Playstation title, called Fisherman's Bait 3, also known as Big Ol' Bass 2 outside of Europe.

39 tracks, had to manually fix the SKIPPING in ALL the tracks caused by jittery audio emulation.

Been working on this and rambling about it in tumblr since I woke up but now I've finished doing everything, from recording, thru manually editing all the audio, to uploading it to youtube and adding all the ID3 tags to the high quality MP3 files and uploading them to mega for anyone to download.

I'm posting it here too because FUCK I spent all day on this, might as well make everyone listen to it. Some sweet tunes for a weird Konami fishing game.

Big chunk of my late childhood right here. At first I only wanted to rip the Free Fishing track, but I ended up doing the whole job instead.

[Click here for the full youtube playlist]

If you ever played this game, you rock.

also if you never heard of it but still you're listening to the soundtrack, you ROCK MORE.
  • Listening to: Big Ol Bass 2 Soundtrack

Closing donations for a while!

Journal Entry: Sun Dec 14, 2014, 3:29 PM
Professional Time Waster

CSS Skin

I'll work on the couple pokemon in queue and then I'll take a break from it.
Will probably open them back again after a couple days