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So I recently moved and find myself with tons of time to work on art. As a result, I feel like I'm making some progress in my digital art. However, I've been wondering about how people decide to do commissions and how they go about them. For starters, I don't know if I'm confident enough in my art to charge for it. Would anyone go for it? How much would I even charge? I don't know what's reasonable in these situations. I also worry about the legal ramifications of doing fanart commissions. I see them all the time on DeviantArt, but are there copyright issues to worry about? I'd love to hear from people who do commissions on how they go about
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I finally have the time to work on stuff. Now I'm just lacking inspiration. I have a bunch of stuff on my to do list but I have to be in the right mood for some of it. I think the hardest part of getting back into it after not being able to for a while is the fact that I absolutely hate coloring. Alas, I must keep practicing if I expect to ever not hate coloring. . .
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October has not been terribly productive for me when it comes to art. Grad-school's kicked into full swing with all kinds of deadlines and I have to do shadowing hours on top of school and work. I have all kinds of stuff on my art to-do list though. Here's hoping for some free time soon.
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Heya, the Edgar Roni page for the FF Tribute is now online at GA-HQ!
Nice, thanks!

Just a point of clarification, if you could change the description at the end from "from Germany" to "living in Germany" that might be more accurate.
I just read your signature.

And though I'm not sure that is what God would say, I do believe Fox Media had that pretty well nailed down, because it is very true, and too true in my own life.

"When you do the right thing, people will not even know if you've done anything at all..."

So true. Far too true.
Futurama is a very underrated show.
Agreed. I loved it.

But I think because a lot happened in the time since it started, that and other series' came into play (Like Family Guy), it just fell through the cracks and lasted...I think it was four seasons? That was a guess but it wasn't very many from what I remember.

My favorite character: Bender

^I can't think of a more humanized robot^
Comedy Central bought the rights and commissioned 3 new seasons. Some of the new stuff is pretty good and some is sorta "meh."
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