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A guy that likes robot girls and commissions art of them.


My list of thin skinned artists

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During my years in the art community, I've had some bad interactions with artists. I thought it might be a good idea to list them so people would know who to walk on eggshells with. Redjet00 : Blocked me for saying I didn't see the nose of a girl on one of his pieces. Thurosis: Threw a fit when I hired him and asked for some small correction on the initial sketch. He then abandoned the job. OkiOppai: Insulted me when I made a comment about weird tits on one picture of his. MadKoopas/TequilaKoops : Blocked me on twitter for having the audacity to ask if he had an up-to-date gallery. 5angle : Asked me to pay with "friends and family" option on paypal. Told me to pound sand when I replied it was unsafe. He blocked me shortly after this.
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Eclipse Sucks

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I'm just adding my voice to the tsunami of complaints flooding the site. The new design is awful. Every action takes more clicks to perform and significantly slow down my browsing. As I add 50 favorites a day on average, making it take 4+ clicks just to submit to the right gallery is a colossal pain. And there's not even a button to delete the picture from my feed and go to the next one! Now everyone is leaving for twitter, which sucks as a gallery and can't save favorites. This is a net loss for the art community IMO.
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About my characters

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Here is a small description of my characters for anyone curious about them: Eydir: She is my first OC and the poster girl of my little universe. Biography: In a science fantasy setting, a valkyrie named Jensina fought bravely for her god. One day, while battling a particularly fierce demoness in the airs, she was mortally wounded. Fatefully, she happened to fall into a vat of constructor nanites... in a sexbot factory! The nanites did their usual job and transformed the raw materials into a sexbot. The being that emerged was a mecha-valkyrie. While she retained the skills and some faint memories of Jensina, Jensina was dead and so the sexb
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Love it Well Done Art Work Galleries Excellent Work

Very Sexy Girls Types are Gorgeous Indeed

Thanks for the fave!

Thanks for the fave

Thank you for the favorites !

Thanks for all those faves, my friend. Throw us a watch if you wish, 'cause there'll be robot girls coming down the line. ^^

I appreciate some of your stuff, but gender bending, trans and hermaphrodite stuff is a HUGE turnoff for me, so it is unlikely that I will.


No need to apologise. Everyone has their likes and dislikes. ^^