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My Bio
I'm horrible with things like this, but...

I'm Nicole, nice to meet you! I attempt a crap load of things in the world of the arts, but it would seem I suck at a large majority of things most times haha! At least I know I'm not the worst in the world but my baking is way up there

I'm 19 and a soon to be student at Le Cordon Bleu which is just insane.

If you want me to draw you anything (though I warn you my art is mediocre at best) just let me know! :D
Is it already the end of May? Goodness... so much has happened it's a wonder I can keep track of it all. While Le Cordon Bleu didn't pan out, I've managed to accomplish so many things that I've wanted to do. I have an amazing job here in Reno and I've finally done one of the things I've always dreamed about doing. I've opened up a shop on etsy. Granted I don't have many things listed, nor have I sold anything (yet) but it's a start! I have a stable income and a possibility for another. My next goals are to save up enough for an apartment in or around Portland, get my drivers license, and get a car. Furniture would probably be a good idea too.
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I don't know when it happened. But everything seems to be happening at once. Mum is moving to Reno or Portola, I'm going to Beaverton (hopefully) to go to Le Cordon Bleu for my associates degree in baking and pastry arts. To be honest I'm not entirely sure I should be feeling. Christ but there are so many things that I want to happen in time for other things to happen but I have no idea when certain things are going to happen. I just want to have a solid plan. In other news I'm still trying to figure out at what point I sold my soul (most likely in my sleep) for quick improvement in art.
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I don't... I don't even know... !Warning: Mini, itty bitty rant about colleges ahead! Am I the only one who's being stalked by the Pratt Institute?! I've been getting little pamphlets and emails from them for the past two years and I just got this  giant  book from them in the mail today. Scratch that, a giant book and a CD *sigh* I'm not even interested in going to New York for College... Pratt... seriously? I'm planning on majoring in History. Pratt and these other art schools (which, 90% of which are insanely expensive) aren't going to help me with that. *sigh*  I need more coffee.
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Hey ;D
thank you for the :+fav: of
Fire Emblem Reyson Cosplay by Berry-Cosplay
YOUR ART IS SO FREAKING CUTE. like until you drew me the xmas present all I'd seen you draw was stuff like caboose or what ever his scarriness is and so i was like really surprised and happy when i saw how wonderful and cute your arts is.