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Dungeons and Mares

So I've been trying to get some digital practice in for a time, since I've gotten into this show I couldn't resist playing around with this. I tried to keep as on-model as I could for the characters but I went off-model for the background for the sake of experimentation.

At first I thought the show had very basic, flat backgrounds but quickly learned that was not the case. Those background artists deserve some respect and I have a lot to learn.

My Little Pony property Hasbro.
character designs developed by Lauren Faust.
this illustration is my work.
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© 2010 - 2021 Elosande
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Rainbow Dash: Monk
Applejack: Barbarian
Pinkie Pie: Bard
Fluttershy: Cleric
Rarity: Rogue
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Message from Kkat:

This is still a great piece.  I've featured it in my latest blog (with a link back to this page). :love: 
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Can I use this as a fan fiction cover? I'll give you credit and a link back to here. Please?
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You wouldn't be the first to use it. If "Ponies Play D&D" could, then they probably won't mind you using it too.
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Is that a warning that it wouldn't be original (and I should go with bard Pinkie image instead) or that it's a tried and true method? 
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Tried and true.
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Hey, i'm going to be running a pony themed RPG channel on Youtube starting later this week baring technical setbacks. I was wondering if it would be possible to use this image as the base a channel header? Provided you were okay with that, of course.
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What I want to know is how they got Flutershy to play?
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So, whos playing Tank?
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You're the one who drew this! You, sir, are amazing!
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Still one of the best pieces of pony art I've ever seen.
What a precious sight. I love moments like that one.
TWILIGHT SPARKLE: "OK! You've destroyed the gezebo, are you happy now?"
PINKIE PIE: "Hoody hoo! I'm doing my victory dance!"
APPLE JACK: "How many XPs was that sucker worth?"
RAINBOW DASH: "This reminds me of the time we lynched that davenport!"
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You get a bonus reference cookie.
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There noes are a little pointy. but other than the, this looks grate.
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RD: I whirlwind around the Manticore!
AJ: I jump awn its back an' roll fer grapple!
Pinkie: I BOUNCE TEEHEE Do I have to roll for that?
Fluttershy: You guys really should wait, heh...
Rarity: But DARLING! Did you SEE what it did to my mane?!

And so the party vanquished the Manticore with kindness and one very lucky natural 20. xD
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My goodness, I love this pic so much! I've had it as wallpaper for months now and only just happened onto your DA so I could finally favorite it! I'm sorry it took so long...
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Good, but.... You need more than D6's to play, if it's similar to D&D XD
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Maybe they're playing d6, yes that's a thing.
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Suuuuuurrrreeee XD
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"I Cast Mare" Yeah too old a reference especially given the word play.
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I'm Glad someone got the pun.

Im sure can think of better, but it was my immediate pun reflex
Are they playing The Houses & Humans 3.5?
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