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Carrot Belmont

By Elosande
I forget when, but the idea of CT being a vampire hunter amused me, probably the carrot stakes. I never did get to play many of the Castlevania games...

My little pony is property Hasbro,
this is my sketch.
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What a horrible night to have a curse.
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Im taking that this was inspired by the episode named Castlemania, right?
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Nice crossover/parody image. ;) I absolutely love Castlevania, and I really like the background of this peice with the castle silhouette in the moonlight, and the creepy hand-like branches of the trees, with red detail outlines along the trees, (looks very reminisc of the famous "Giggle at the Ghosties" scene) and the grass tufts are a nice detail to.
The coloring is quite good, and gives it a dark nightime look to it, and looks very true to the FiM show. I also like CT's hat, and carrot weapons.

I also like how you used one of the lesser-known BG ponies, instead of one of the more popular ones.
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Can't wait until the third game, Discordla's Curse, which has Apple Belmont fighting along side Slypha Dash, Fluttercard, and Pinkie DePie.
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MLP takes me back to the good ol' days of cartoons. Castlevania takes me back to the good ol' days of gaming. Combining the two brings a strange joy to my heart, and I thank you for it.
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Well done
Well done indeed
I love it
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That is great. XD
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Super sexy dangerous Carrot hunter pony lady yes!
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She rides buffalo like it was nothing so I figure this wasn't a stretch for her.
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Carrot Top doesn't get enough love in my opinion. Fantastic picture, never would have thought of a Castlevania crossover xD

I wonder what pony Soma would be...
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I could see Soma as a unicorn.

CT does have a dedicated following but she isn't as widely drawn and viewed compared to the other BG ponies. Then again, she's competing with a Dr. Who reference and shiptastic lesbians.
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True... True... Although I've seen CT with Derpy a few times, there isn't a whole lot of material about her. I'm just happy that she didn't keep the dye job from "Boast Busters" xD
Elosande's avatar
There isn't much, but what is there is pretty solid. There's the giant rabbit storybook, the choose-your-adventure where she saves applebloom from mythical creatures, the zitcom, etc.

and yeah, I do prefer her orange haired for some reason.
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Even though I'm getting tired of ponies, this is still awesome!
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Glad ya enjoy it!
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Just like old times, love those games. :)
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I admit I didn't play as many as I should but the ones I did were a blast.
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Looks good. See you took the advice on the whip. The shadows turned out really good as well. Whats teh next concept?????
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Derpy Adventure 2.
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