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so the last months ws a real real slow DA activities for me, yes i did uploaded some pictures but i really didnt commented anything, i apologyze for that, really.

i will try to upload more pics, to comment more often and basically be " fully active" from now on

and now that im writing a journal, i wanna thank to all my wathcers, that keep me drawing and uploading shit to this hummongous community we like to call DA

i know i still have to make a coupple of requests but believe imm gonna be quite busy with schools, making comics, and trying to keep a social life, but believe, you are gonna get your requests sooner or later, this is my word! and you can count on it

i love you all, and this is elosa2.0 talking to you, lock & loaded, and ready to rock!

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mah beloved, dear sistah's:
  • Listening to: paul mccartney
  • Reading: 100 años de soledad
  • Watching: some random shitty movie
  • Playing: starcraft 2
  • Eating: cake
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Submitted on
May 8, 2011