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well, dont kno if u kno, but i have been quite absent, for the last few months.
the reason? i have been doin comics, and im not the quickest comic artist sooooo.....

long story short:
comic making + high school + self steem issues + online mmorpg's= not much time for anything, including social life & DA

not many things have changed, my hair is short, i cut'd it twice, first time i looked like willy wonka, 2nd time i looked a lil bit more normal
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lololol i turn 17 @ 11 pm tonight! yaaaaay

sooo, its been 17 years since i was born

things ive done already:
-published a comic
-ive won like a thousand contests of shitty shits
-ive had a girlfriend yaaay
-ive been on a lot of interesting places
-ive met alan parson in concert & ELO

things i got to do:
-get laid xD--------------------------------------------l  JK no rush on that
-not die virgin xD (world ends @ 2012 D:)------l/
-keep publushing comics >:D
-finish high school
-get a GF
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asdlasas,palsjañsdjasd, ,asldjasñdjañdjgañsdfglñc
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so the last months ws a real real slow DA activities for me, yes i did uploaded some pictures but i really didnt commented anything, i apologyze for that, really.

i will try to upload more pics, to comment more often and basically be " fully active" from now on

and now that im writing a journal, i wanna thank to all my wathcers, that keep me drawing and uploading shit to this hummongous community we like to call DA

i know i still have to make a coupple of requests but believe imm gonna be quite busy with schools, making comics, and trying to keep a social life, but believe, you are gonna get your requests sooner or later, this is my word! and you can count on it

i love you all, and this is elosa2.0 talking to you, lock & loaded, and ready to rock!

656 comics:

mah brothas:

mah beloved, dear sistah's:
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yea, i got a monoprice tablet
so if you have any requests, just ask for it, ill be glad to do it.
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1-i look like a giant woman sometimes
2-im the tallest person in my family
3-lately i wanna smack the mouth of these racist           -molotov, frijolero
4-i like country music
5-i hate i carly
6-im watching i carly
7-i think miranda cosgrove is hawt (relax shes 16 like me, im no pedo bear or something)
8-i love animation movies
9-gibby is funny
10-sams is a singer too?? WTH!

i tag:
whoever wants to do this, welcome
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thats right
i've nothing to draw lately so artrades are open now
note me with the details if you are interested
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1.iliek animation movies such as up or how to train your dragon
2.i dont likepokemon rpg's
3.sometimes i look like a woman:noes:
4.i dont think im otaku
5.i dont know why i dont like cg to much
6.i like cooking:flirting:
7.i dont know if i wanna be old (lie i wanna live 100 yrs)
8.i dont feel like doing this right now
9.chapplin is alive:noes:
10.walt disney is nazzi:noes:

i tag:
anyone who wants to
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yes ladys and genttlemen's
today is my birthday
whole 16 years
boo yahh
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well since late 2009 me, :iconalexisrueda:, :iconcrashdomi: started to make a comic for us consulate and its been like 2 weeks since it was published
so that means a lot to me cuz its my first comic published

so i can now say that i make comics
hell yeah baby

maybe ill do a steampunk webcomic
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i am a genious

Journal Entry: Mon Jun 21, 2010, 12:11 PM
i created a plz account:

and also:

use'em (if you want to OTL)

i am elosa and i approve this journal
so the hobo:iconhobboapproveplz:

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donate points

Journal Entry: Tue Jun 15, 2010, 6:37 PM
Grab a can today!

i started a donation pool.
i need a bagpack for school and i'll like a DA bagpack(or emoticon stress balls, everybody loves those:XD:)

of course youll have something for your points

less than 24 points: sketch
25 points: inked sketch
50 points: color comission(very simple comission) or an animated avatar
100 points: color comission or a pixel image
200 points: anything you want

Featured Art

Considering this Whoopass CSS has a Campbell's can theme, we figured we would feature some artwork with the Campbell's Soup as the subject. Of course, without Mr. Warhol's iconic art - would all this exist?
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i was tagged by:iconcrushed-ac:

its the first time i got tagged

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jiiiiirrwi gooo!!!!

1-i was very very sick this weekend
2-cockroaches scare shi* out of me
3-i want a pony tail:dummy:
4-probably ill be in france in 2011 for the angoloume festival
5-i love pockys(who doesnt?)
6-every time i enter to a manga con or something like i say:"smells like sweaty otaku"
7-i hate reggaeton
8-i love rpg's
9-i dont considder myself normal
10-i like not to be normal

i tag:
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my pc its on maintenance

i dont know how long it will takes so ill be gone some time

c ya

oh btw
nujabes died, that sucks
check him put…
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webcomics; wut do ya think 'bout em?

(i know i dont use to do journals so often but......nevermind)
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que chingados pasa!!!
todos los avatares de DA se han cambiado por jotos de crepusculo o lady gaga!!!

ademas quien chingados escogio por mi!!!
que alguien me ewxplique!!!
sorry por las malas palabras

quiero mi avatar!!!!!!
lo acababa de hacer!!!!

what the fuck is going up????
all DA avatars has been changed for characters from twilight or lady gaga!!

besides who took my decision for the avatar i wanted??
somebody explain it to me!!!!

i want my avatar back!!!!
i just mad it!!!
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lately i've been working with watercolors,though i dont think they're as hard as the chinese ink
they are a real challenge to an average painter like me.

be'cause the sheets i work the watercolors on are too bg i dont know how am i going to scan the paints.

i dont know why do i write this. i guess i have nothing to say lately.
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merry Xmas and happy holydays everybody!!!!!!!!
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my computer is rubbish
I have no antivirus and its full of viruses because of my brother
the point is that the Internet is failing for example youtube is not working
and DA will not let me connect and sometimes I can rarely see my messages

needed to tell you this because it takes time to fix this shit
and comment and reply to messages / deviations / etc ...

i didnt even wrote the journal here, I wrote it the msnotepad, and then I just "copy-paste"   T_T


mi computadora es una basura
no tengo antivirus y esta llena de viruses por culpa de mi hermano
el punto es que el Internet esta fallando por ejemplo youtube no funciona
y DA no me deja conectarme y las veces que puedo rara vez me deja ver mis mensajes

necesitaba decirles esto porque llevara tiempo arreglar esta mierda y comentar y responder mensajes/deviations/etc...

nisiquiera escribí el journal aquí, lo escribí en el notepad y luego hice "copy-paste"T_T

p. d. it will even take sometime to reply the comments on this journal

damn it ! its like 300 deviations to comment:crying: