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These days, I am finishing all the ACEOs I ever promised to make. I am a horrible human being and some of the cards were promised quite a long time ago. I never forgot, however - it was just really difficult to move my lazy ass, find some time and finish the cards. As I said, a horrible human being. I am really ashamed.

I expect to upload all the cards possibly next week, since I am almost done now. 

The nice thing is that I have one spare blank card left. I have nothing to paint there, no waiting ACEO trade, simply nothing. I would really like to turn that blank card into a winter-themed ACEO for someone. In exchange for another winter-themed ACEO, of course :D So, here is the thing. If you are interested in a winter ACEO trade with me, write a comment to this journal, add a link to your character and wait. I will pick one person to trade ACEOs with :)

1) The theme for the ACEOs will be "winter."And our characters, of course.
2) I will not start making my part until I see your part finished. 
3) We will exchange the original cards via post after we are both done with our parts. If you are not willing to give me your adress or send a letter with your part to me, do not comment this journal, please.
4) That is basically everything. I do not care if we already traded ACEOs or not. If you are interested, leave a comment and hope for the best :)
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*poke, poke* ej, už mám chary! :3 teda, nevím jestli to na to bude, ale spíš tak někdy po zkouškovém...?>.< poznámka: já mám podmínku že to spácháme v čajovně Giggle  jestli jdeš do toho, vezmu s sebou čokoládu :D