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A smile on your face
Your face lies against my protruding
   shoulder blades
You breathe a heavy huff
   against my spine
Your arms sweetly circle me,
   and pull us tight
Our bodies flush and legs
   twine beneath the sheets.
You sigh again, a smile on
   your face
And though the sun is far too high
I'll lay here with you by my side
:iconeloradust:EloraDust 3 0
Self Portrait by EloraDust Self Portrait :iconeloradust:EloraDust 2 0
good evening
ever since we parted ways i've managed all alone
and i guess that through this damage i have grown
it seemed that once upon a time upon our love i'd flown
but lately i feel more and more like i was on my own
   ah, my love
   i can still remember
i wonder if you lie awake just like i used to do
i wonder if you think about me how i think of you
i wonder if you miss me, if i still could make you smile
i wonder if you'd still come for me across the many miles
   ah, my love
   don't forget about this
far away, yes, you're far away, but not yet from my heart
and every time i think of you i feel a growing scar
but i know that i can heal, though it may take a while
and gently i will settle down and float upon a smile
   ah, my love
   i hope you still remember
yes; i can still see your face and i can hear your words
they echo in my mind and play my heartstrings like a sword
but nothing comes to nothing,
:iconeloradust:EloraDust 1 3
can't see
you make me want to dance - a dervish, devilish, full of glee
and then crush all our memories in hands too clean for me.
broken glass, broken past, watch it crash and bleed
but it wouldn't make you notice
because you can't see.
while I'm dancing, I'll be laughing.
lofty, pearls and gold, tears forgotten with the
stretch and crack of ribs holding back air.
internal bleeding is nothing compared to this
and the misery of the millions, the masses, the mighty
it all means nothing when I can't see.
so since we're both blind, will you stay with me?
:iconeloradust:EloraDust 2 0


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awjay Featured By Owner May 18, 2013
thnx for faving...appreciated my friend..:)
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no problem :D it's a great picture.
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You speak french ? :p
EloraDust Featured By Owner May 17, 2013
A very little bit. I live in Canada, but on the west coast, so it's not very prevalent here.
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Hi, Elora. Thanks so much for your recent visit and the fave. It is greatly appreciated! :D
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no problem =) you have some wonderful work.
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