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My brushes

People are always asking what my brushes are so here they are hahah.  To be honest I use the first brush 90% of the time and only switch if absolutely necessary. it's very basic but it gets all the jobs done.
If you have any question feel free to ask.
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Thank you so muchLove 
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Thank you... so much. I found a youtube video of yours while trolling for lineart advice and I thought "I have to know this person's brush settings" and sure enough! You posted them already. 
Eloquent-Phony's avatar
You're very welcome :)
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Thanks for this :D (Big Grin) 
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this is really helpful, especially with advanced smoothy on colour part :3
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Thanks for all the awesome brushes! Just on problem, they don't seem to be working for me, i entered the same exact settings that you have and the brush comes out different. Is there some setting in sai that im just missing?
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this numbers that you gave here for stabilizer are this the one that appears when you create a new brush ? there is a place for stroke stabilizer and pressure stabilizer . Or I should leve tham not specified ?
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It's near the very top of the screen. If you push the down arrow, you should see numbers that go down to.. I think fifteen, and then go S-1 to S-17. If you try out a few you'll see what they do.
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thank you so much :)
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that first one is a real find for a noobie like me! u are a wonder, EP
BlehForest's avatar
helpful to many, thank you
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Obrigada :3/Thank You
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I can't find the Middle_Flat option in the dropdown after Density, I only find Spread, Spread&Noise, Bristle and Flat Bristle. How did you get Middle_Flat?
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what canvas size do you use?
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woah the first one looks soooo cool!! <3
Eloquent-Phony's avatar
thank you! I like that one that best :)
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How do you get these brushes? :3
Eloquent-Phony's avatar
MissKitty1945's avatar
Ah ok :3 How did you make them? For example the line art one
Eloquent-Phony's avatar
um you just change the setting the match them? like you make a new brush and then match the settings with  mine.
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its always interesting to see what setting artist use, thanks for showing us ^^
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Thank youuuuuuuu! 
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