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WTF Eggs

I meant to submit this ages ago (around Easter! 0_o), but better late than never? I made these for my sister's party, which was in April. :XD: It was a pokemon party, so the little kids had an egg hunt with Togepis....but....I couldn't help myself. I had to mess up the faces. X< They look like Animal Crossing guys.

I'm especially proud of the youthful one on the right. :D
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Apr 5, 2008, 6:49:22 PM
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JayfeatherLuv's avatar
Yes. Thats all that can explain this. Yes, this is amazing. Yes, you are a great artist. And yes, you are a great photographer.
elontirien's avatar
I am 100 % ok with this image as a certificate of my artistic prowess.
Cileo's avatar
They're all adorable! and are those Rock Lee eyebrows I see?
elontirien's avatar
....YES. YES THEY ARE. :la: *unashamed*
MiserObakeChan's avatar
...I always knew there was something special about Lee but I would never have guessed at him being part Pokemon.
elontirien's avatar
LOL tbh, the entire chuunin exam reminded me of a Pokemon league championship.
MiserObakeChan's avatar
Its official-its all the same universe. The Shinobi are Pokemon! lOl
elontirien's avatar
The Naruto world is...the inside of a pokeball. :iconexplodeplz:
MiserObakeChan's avatar
Dude...Mind Blown!I can just would it look using these Narumon's lol.

Wait does that make Sasuke a fire type? lol
kuro-kai08's avatar
one looks like lee
elontirien's avatar
theTwins98's avatar
This is really sooo COOL! I Love it ^^
aire73's avatar
That's so cute! They're so perfect. :D
SilentEnmity's avatar
Good work on the Rock Lee egg, his fires of youth burn brightly... :D
elontirien's avatar
Thank you! Eggs are full of nutrients, so that must be why.
erin72's avatar
Awww I love this Its so cute! I would have never thought of that! Good Job :).
xXLordxxMuffinXx's avatar
They are so cute! What did you use to paint them?
elontirien's avatar
I used sharpies. :XD:
xXLordxxMuffinXx's avatar
xD Well, they look great.
rideaseeker629's avatar
omg these are great. I have egg faces in my gallery too.
helloseablue's avatar
AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH <3 its the egg pokemon thing :D
CharmingCrobat's avatar
Ha! That's too damn cute. Oh god. Dieing form cuteness! x.x; :floating:
Wickt's avatar
WOOOOW I love this hahaha I love the Lee and and the rest =OOO I am totally going to ATTEMPT to do this in easter~ Did you just use regular markers for this?
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