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August 24, 2009
Curious fact about this deviation: It was featured in various of the same social networks it represents, partially thanks to deviantArt's Share this feature, receiving quite a lot of attention in just a few days. So this is featured for two reasons; it's a brilliant personification of the social media websites of our day and demostrates how indeed these websites are part of a same technologic environment, interacting with each other like students of a school. Internet University Cast by ~elontirien
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Internet University Cast



So my friend wrote a sort of short story called "Internet University," where all the students and faculty are personified famous websites. It's hilarious. Facebook and Twitter are roomies, Professor Google has to deal with the foul-mouthed Youtube, etc.

Go read it here! ----> :iconthejoyfulturnip:

AND! Since people keep asking, "Where's Tumblr, Instagrams, etc..!!!?" Kindly glance at the date of submission. I made this in 2009. That is all.
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Facebook: An old boomer who thinks 5G towers are going to kill him. 
Twitter: A laid back and experienced dude. Still has a great future ahead of him. Unintentionally helped the Arab Spring. 
MySpace: A casket. 
Wikipedia: Much of the same, but becoming more like TV Tropes in terms of writing. Now a huge geek. 
DeviantArt: Got a botched plastic surgery and everyone is pissed off at it but keeps forcing everyone to look at it. 
YouTube: Bipolor. Toxic but also full of censorship at the same time. At one point he'll go on controversial profanity filled rants, on another he'll snap back to a much calmer state and talk about how much he loves talk shows and big corporations. 
Google: Still smart but almost too smart... Gained a kleptomaniac streak with personal data.