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HG: Allies

"Oh," says Rue with a sigh. "I've never had a whole leg to myself before."
"Take the other," I say.
"Take whatever you want!"

Katniss and Rue eating groosling. :)

HG (c) Suzanne Collins
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I loved this part!!!
poor Rue...
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i love Katniss's look!
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katniss face is so perfect!!!
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Why oh why did they have to kill rue? She was so sweet. 
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She was. :C   At least her death was not in vain! 
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I LOVE this scene and when I read about what to Rue I realized just how bittersweet this scene was and it made me cry :(
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Aah, I loved this scene in the books <3
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Instant follow <3
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Good day!

I'm Chandra Pepino and I write for Candy Magazine, the Philippines' #1 teen magazine. (I'm writing to you using my sister's DeviantArt account, as I do not have my own.) For our November 2013 issue, we're doing a special on The Hunger Games, coinciding with the premiere of “Catching Fire”. 

I'm writing to secure permission from you regarding the use of this artwork. We will be giving you due credit, of course. For that, I'll need your full name - if you agree to let us publish this artwork in Candy Magazine, you can contact me via e-mail at, and send your full name and other details there.

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Chandra Marie Pepino
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Candy Magazine, Philippines
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This is so wonderful!
sooo cute!!! Love it!  :D
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awwwwwwwwww its so sweet i wish she diden't have to die poor rue xxxxx
your art would be perfect for The Hunger Games' Catching Fire contest on Glossi. It allows you to drag and drop pictures for the first chapter of "Catching Fire" [link]. Win a chance to be featured on their official FB page. Truly exciting for all Hunger Games fans and artists!
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Dang girl I really love this!! You have a very nice talent! >:D
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T__________________________T :heart:
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exactly what i pictured....... only rue would have long curly hair X3
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I just love how people pictured the hunger games characters before the movie. In my opinion, book is ALWAYS better. I have nothing against the hg movie, which was awesome, I just love how us fans pictured them before. Btw, this picture is so cute! Rue and Katniss 😄
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Wow! I love this! :clap:
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Love your version of Katniss. ^_^
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You are amazing! how!...How do you do this stuff?!
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