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Basically, in Mockingjay....

Not trying to hate on Mockingjay! :XD: JUST SAYIN'.

I know, I know, Annie had a headstart, and Gale never had a full-blown meltdown, but I didn't want them to be left out.

Mockingjay(c) Suzanne Collins
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Hilarious ^^ 
Pretty much sums it up. :D
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This is so hilarious! And it's so true! I love the Peeta by the way!
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Mockingjay was difficult to swallow with everyone's problems but I think Finnick and Peeta were the ones that affected me most and Johanna I feel really sorry for her. :(
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I think this is pretty accurate to what Mockingjay was like. It pretty dark, the whole series is dark but Mockingjay even more so. The first two books were full of action and surviving the games and was action-packed and fast paced whereas Mockingjay was mostly about all the characters' issues.
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Hydrophobic Johanna, drunk Haymitch, knot-tying Finnick, crazy Gale, even crazier Peeta and a distressed Katniss. Mockingjay was really an emotional turning point for loads of characters!
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And Annie covering her ears.
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haha! this is so true!
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jajaja I love it :happybounce: 
I'm sorry, but I don't get everything here (even if I read Mockingjay)! Could someone explain it to me, please?? :))
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Let's see, I don't remember Mockingjay too well, but I'll try... we've got feral Peeta, going all 'Katniss is a mutt' in the top right. Underneath there's Finnick with his rope. Katniss is crying her eyes out hysterically, while being filmed (you know, her trip to District 12) and Johanna's freaking out in the shower (fear of water). I think the blue coverall guy is Gale, he's got the bow. The description makes it clear that this is just a random thing. The girl with her hands over her ears is Annie, trying to deal. Bottom right corner- Haymitch wanting a drink.
Hope that helped!
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Nah, you captured Annie and gale perfectly. ;)
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This is...insanely I know why I wanted to burn the book once I was done reading it...even though I love the Hunger Games...
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OMG Finny with the knots and then Peeta....
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the Peeta doodle's my favorite. XD He looks like he just wants to bite someone.
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ohh Finnick is so cute ! loooove it !
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