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AtLA Classic Crack

Toph: "Well at least I don't have to wear shoes!" 8D

I really should be working on other things, but this HAD to be done.

In case there was any doubt or confusion:

Sokka = Ace Ventura (Ace Ventura: Pet Detective)
Momo=Spike, Ace's pet monkey
Aang=Luke Skywalker (Star Wars)
Katara=Trinity (The Matrix)
Zuko=Indy (Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom)
Toph=Frodo (LOTR :heart:)

Avatar is (c) Mike, Bryan, and Nick
Others movies are (c) I don't know, but not me.
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DoomMalic's avatar
Aang Skywalker, the most appropriate name I ever heard.

With Toph as the Ring Bearer, the Lord of the Rings will last only one book/film.
ocupers's avatar
OH MY GOD! Sokka is ace ventura pet detective!!! XD GLORIOUS
Shadow-Messenger's avatar
Pfft, Toph would rip that ring apart all by herself!
FireNationPhoenix's avatar
Avatar was bought by Lucasfilm LTD,

I would love to see a Lucas adaptation of Avatar over M Night whatever's any day of the week
gingerindy101's avatar
Zhuko is my favorite 
And ang is cool to 
Kota-King-1's avatar
Oh my god, sokka!! you made my day!
openmind13's avatar
Omygod. This is amazing :)
CitrineG's avatar
Toph has the One Ring? Spirits save us....
Jessse020's avatar
Ace Sokkura: Pet detective
Aang Airwalker
Zukiana Jones
Toph of the Rings
randomgirl1298's avatar
Aang Skywalker...does anyone know how appropriate that name is?
bookworm59's avatar
I just fell in love with you right now. PERFECT
lloya012's avatar
Ikr! xD *Squeeee* :squee:
exodusknight's avatar
... Oh Zuko... I knew it XD
gingerindy101's avatar
I think his aditude is perfect 
SilverWolf260's avatar
I thought Katara was Lara Croft.... Oops.
elontirien's avatar
Common mistake. ^^;
shivani660's avatar
whose Katara supposed to be?
elontirien's avatar
Trinity from the Matrix. :XD:
ggfluff123's avatar
I don't know who Toph is dressed as But the ret of them are awesome!
Zuko-Indiana Jones
Sokka-Ace Ventura
Aang- Luke Skywalker
Katara-Lora Croft
elontirien's avatar
Toph is dressed as Frodo from LotR, who is similarly short and wears no shoes. :XD:
ggfluff123's avatar
Oh makes sense now!
ZutarakataangSukki's avatar
Omg Sokka and Ace Ventura are pretty much the same people... :D
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