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No Heart

Care Bears was a cartoon I really liked as a little kid and genuinely was kinda scared of No Heart at first.
But then something funny happened: for the first time I started to wonder "he almost wins a lot of times... what if.. sometime maybe.. he actually wins? What will happens?". And after that moment I went from being scared to being supportive of No Heart's plans just to see what would happen.

Sadly I never saw his victory.

This drawing is a digital redraw I made based on a draw I did for Junetoon challenge, 2018.
If interested you can see the original one here.

I'm working on this digital stuff, it's a whole new world of possibilities and discoveries.
Pretty excited to explore!
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I wish his past was revealed. A long time ago, No Heart was given the name Caregiver who was always nice to the Care Bears and helped them stop evildoers from attacking Care a lot. Until one day, the Care Bears murdered his sister Starshine with their Care Bear Stare. By then, Caregiver changed his name to No Heart as he vowed to get his revenge on the Care Bears after arriving at the forest of uncaring. When he got there, No Heart saw the crystal shining brighter and landed in the middle of the forest, he began to change causing him to become uncaring with his eyes turning red his skin turning aqua green and his smile becoming evil as payback and he made sure that all the caring in the world was removed by destroying the Care Bears and to avenge his sister's death forever.

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What you described reminds me very much of the fanfiction I read a long time ago. It's just that Dark Heart was responsible for the death of the Melkor / No Heart sister in this story, which seduced her to do so. In addition, in a separate story (a kind of continuation) our mage went to the dark side in a very similar way to the one described above.

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Now that is a background I never knew! After reading this I'm inclined to draw him as Caregiver too.

But is this a theory you have or is it cannon somehow? Why would Care Bears kill his sister? Was the sister evil from the beginning?

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Can somebody please draw No Heart a bull a lion lobster a turkey monitor lizard komodo dragon or a shark?

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Nice drawing of the best Care Bears villain ;)
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Haha thaanks! :D
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maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaano do céeeeeu. Desenterrou uma parte da minha infancia =D
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Hehehe :D
Saudades dessa época que dava medo a cara sombria e os olhos vermelhos do Coração Gelado xD
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I know this pain, my dear. It would be nice to see how No Heart finally wins over Care Bears. Especially, that these furballs because of their own stupidity (and it was a bit) almost brought to their destruction.
They must admit that No Heart drawn in traditional ways also looks good.
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Exactly! Oh boy, how many times did those Care Bears make the situation worse for themselves?
And even so, they managed to win at the end. In fact, it was because of them that I started to use
the expression "power of love wins again" every time the good guys got to win without any plausible reason,
but only for the sake of "good beats evil". Poor No Heart, such a powerful and determined wizard... 
The guy deserved at least one victory.

And Thank You :D
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To tell you the truth, for some time I am planning to make a specific list of ways in how Care Bears would end their lives without their luck. And it would rather be in reference to older generations of the film and the series, where it was much easier to kill them.
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Sounds actually interesting! :thinking:
I would like to read it, especially if you are following through the old generations.
In fact, I think this list would be a nice character study reference to authors in general,
at least the ones who want their stories to have a more logical approach on the protagonist/antagonist 
dynamic instead of relying on dumb luck.
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However, they will have to ask one friend. Because I do not associate these parts of Care Bears, where their main enemy was Professor Cold Heart or Evil Spirit. I simply did not have the opportunity to see these series in my country and I do not like these villains very much.
By the way, I have to remember the entire Nelvana series (because I like mainly the first episodes).
I am also thinking about making some kind of villains, as they did, they did not commit any stupid things, such as Dr. Fright mocked No Heart, which is why he counts a small journey.
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