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Mockingjay Rebellion Propo

The Hunger Games, if you don't already know, are an amazing trilogy that I highly recommend. This piece is a propo I made about it, which is cool because you can spray these kinds of stencils anywhere, like walls and stuff, making it a real propo for a rebellion. xD

I have the Mockingjay symbol in the background and on top of it, I have Katniss Everdeen (who I drew), and to the right, the words saying "Fire is Catching / Join the Rebellion". I've had the idea for this piece for a while, I really couldn't wait to stencil it and then airbrush it. :3

Solo Background Mockingjay: [link]

I cut out all my own stencils from acetate paper or tagboard with my own X-Acto knife over a cutting board, then use an airbrush compressor to spray over it. On this particular piece, I used 3 stencils. The first that I put down, the Mockingjay, I used the inverse, meaning I sprayed on what I cut out of the acetate paper since the piece would fall apart if I cut out the circle and didn't do the inverse. The second that I sprayed on was Katniss, which I drew and then regularly cut out the negative (dark part). For the text, I actually carved it in to the stencil paper directly. :3

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No Stealing, I Swear I Will Hunt You Down
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AWESOME! Its really great.
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Thank you so much- that means a lot to me :)
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:3 Your welcome! Its really great.
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Did you see the movie? :)
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#1 :llama:
#2 :iconindienerds:
#3 :ninjabattle:
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#7 :milk:
yeahhh thats all im soo coooolll
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yes you are xD
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This is cool. I've joined the rebellion.
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Thanks. Epic! :D
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this iss great!! XD
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Such a heartwarming comment from a fantastic artist! x3
Thank you! c:
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you're welcome, umm what's your real name? :D mine's trixie
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These books...

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Hahaha, as do I! XD
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Awww, thank you! x3

But really, it's just stencils. I could make a guide on how to make them if you want... :D
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It'd be pretty awesome if you would do that, bro :meow:
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Yeah. c:

Alright! I'll let you know when I make it... Could be ranging from tomorrow to next Saturday, depends on how well my History Paper goes. xD
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I can wait :D

And good luck with your history paper :aww:
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Great. :3

Thank you so much! I'll do my best x3
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Awesome go rebellion!!
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Ikr! I'd join it any day. :D
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