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War Dust

Hi DA Artists
this is my latest mattpainting
I have started with a basic sketch in photoshop
and i have used about 30 photos
hope you like it :)
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© 2006 - 2021 elnady
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This is really something !
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Thanks mate :)
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left side so real ! right side.. i think uneed 2 work on the lightnin to make belong more 2 the pic if u get wht i mean .. but its gr8 ! :) ... did u study Architecture ? if u did which univ. did u join ?
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I totally agree with u,actually when i started this work my main focus was on the left side,since it was the closer to the viewer, i will work more on it later,thanks :) and yes i'm studying architecture!
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elnady ,
can you model my concept car SPHINX & OSIRIS
do you accept euros ?
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haha ...
Yep i love change my style from time to time
Glad you like it :D
Thanks :hug:
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it looks very different your another works
good painting:D
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Danta Gamed 2awy Ya Man:clap:
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Thanks ya man,glad you like it :D
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Hey my freind
Thanx alot :hug:
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I quite like this, maybe some stronger rays off the sun? Not important though, I think it looks great
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Thank u,i didn't wan't to put more rays off the sun cause i want it to look creepy and foggy,but nice idea
Thanks so much :)
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