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What you see, Commander? 

My canon Miri had a daughter in ME3 and therefore needed an upgrade of her armour
to protect herself a little bit more. With emphasis on little. She still needed to impress the
commander, now didn't she? ;)

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mods: MrGameboy20XX & Cherry-Wayne 
BG:  Annakie

All models are belong to EA/Bioware & Activision/Benox.
I own nothing just fangirling here.

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© 2014 - 2021 elmjuniper
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In "Shadow Broker DLC" in once of messages about Miranda I recall seeing something of her being barren.
Something about her going to various doctors about it and many saying that she is barren.
elmjuniper's avatar
Yeah. But this Miranda is how I ship her. :) so this Miranda can have children.
xebo65's avatar
and this is one I prefer billion of times more ;)
elmjuniper's avatar
Aaaaw. Thank you so much. :hug:
DarthDingus's avatar
And then Mass Effect 3 came along and disappointed us ALL!

Oh, and the company that made the series ended up blaming their customers for their own mistake.
elmjuniper's avatar
Uhm...yes and no. Some things yes. But mostly no for me. :)
teknoman021's avatar
Really like the outfit for her.  Still form fitting like her original, but slightly more tactical (emphasis on slightly).  Was this the same outfit you used in another pic (the one where Miri finds Shepard amidst the rubble of the Citadel)?  To me, Miri will ALWAYS be Shepard's love interest.  :)
elmjuniper's avatar
Yes! That is the same model (or outfit).
At first I had given her armour, but then with the All of Me it kind of changed the premisses.
It's just not likely Miranda will be walking around in armour if she's being shoved off to safety on one of Hackett's ships because obviously she won't be in the fight. And with the way I've written both Rue and Ri it would be too OC for either of them to want Ellie on her own.
teknoman021's avatar
Even when she was first introduced in ME2, Miranda always seemed more of a "protector" than a soldier.  Yes, she can make the hard decisions and get some people to follow her, but she admitted that she does not possess the fire Shepard has to get people to follow Shepard through anything.  Her loyalty mission in ME2 only reaffirms that.

Way to pick up on that and integrate into your version of Miri.  ;)
elmjuniper's avatar
Thank you very much.
I'm glad you appreciated that in my version of Miri.
It does mean a lot to me to hear that because it's always a little
scary presenting your version of a character that people like/love.
Aneksunamun's avatar
I think I commented on this with the words that it is absolutely gorgeous, but I'll say it once more. BTW, may I ask who did the outfit?
elmjuniper's avatar
Thank you, and yes, I think you did. :)
Which of the outfit do you mean?
Aneksunamun's avatar
Miri's. :D Or is it your meshmod?
elmjuniper's avatar
Miri's outfit I didn't change at all. It's Kasumi from DOA, but unfortunately the account I used has been deactivated. :(
Aneksunamun's avatar
Ah, I see, thanks anyway!
CyberBrian360's avatar
Very Good ! 
(I think I have To use A "Differnt Model Now "! Dam !) haaaaaaa ! Giggle 
elmjuniper's avatar
Why thank you so much.  :)
CyberBrian360's avatar
;) (Wink) 
Psycho-101's avatar
Wonderful job. The armor suits her. Any plans to do an alternate version like how they have alternate versions in the game?
elmjuniper's avatar
You mean like a mod so it can be used in the game?
I'm afraid I don't know how to do that. :(
Psycho-101's avatar
No I mean do the same outfit but with a different color scheme. Like how she has an alternate color in the game.
elmjuniper's avatar
Oooh! Yeah, you think I should?
That would be a totally cool idea.
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