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L.M Juniper
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
I'm a HUGE Mass Effect and Dragon Age fan.
So yeah, I will be obsessing over that. Specifically FemShepley and RuRi (my FemShep/miri).
It's what I ship. Occasionally I'll ship something else.

What I DON'T ship:
Jack/Miri, I'm sorry I just don't get it.
BroShep/anything really (unless I'm in a really, really good mood or if I need him)

Having this said there are some fantastic artist out there who does ship the above, ask me and I'll point you their way. :)

I don't own the models or backgrounds because they're all from Mass Effect (EA/Bioware) if anything else isn't stated.


Do not upload, repost or distribute without my permission giving me credit and notifying me. I am in no way against my fanart being spread across the vast space that the internet is, but I AM against my art being distributed without giving me proper credit. It is not very difficult. All that is needed is a name and a link to the deviation. Please ask before uploading my art somewhere else. And DO credit me regardless.

If you like the things I post feel free to support me at Patreon and I shall do the fugliest happy dance you ever saw. ;)

Connect with me on:
Facebook page:
So, I finally finished my first Andromeda playthrough. And here's what I think...

* Andromeda had so much potential and it's so sad they didn't managed to lift the game all the way. There were just so many unanswered questions. Who created the scourge? Why? Why did the Jardaan do the Meridian thingymahjiggy? Who killed Garson and WHY? Like they threw this mystery at us with the benefactor or whatever they're called and a murder. And what did it lead to? Nothing. Which is how I feel about a lot of the storyline in the game. They open up these mysteries that leads to...well, nothing.

* Because of the weak storyline I mainly ran around doing loyalty/allies quests. The only one which really had me intrigued was the murder mystery/benefactor mystery.

* I KNEW mother Ryder was going to be in cryo. And yes I did a little happy dance.

* I feel like, despite Andromeda being about exploration, to me, it was more about relationships. Not just romantic ones. Friends, family, professional etc. I LOVE what Bioware did with the relationships in this game. How they develop, how everyone turns up in the end even if they aren't in your current squad. Here, Andromeda has outdone all the other ME games. We never really got to see Shepard be real friends, the crew be like a family, until the Citadel DLC. In Andromeda it really feels like Ryder and the crew is like a fam and i FUCKING LOVE IT! The game truly excels on this level.

* Needed more Suvi.

* Needed more Vetra.

* Asari/straight female relationships once again getting more time than any other romances. Boring. Snore.

* Bioware is all about recycling...Asari mad about remnants vs asari mad about Protheans....shirtless POC flexing muscles. Am I referring to Liam or Jacob? Also, gruffy old krogan squaddie Wrex, sorry I meant get what I'm trying to say here. :P

* Getting dropped into Scott's body WAS AWESOME!!! I loved that they did that and the final battle was pretty damn epic. I got goosebumps. And Dunn survived, yey! 😍

* Wanted more Scott time! Would have been really cool with some sibling interaction. I made Scott look like my own brother so when the Archon snatched him...oh man, my heart was racing.

* At times the game was just absolutely hilarious.

* ALL THE EASTER EGGS!!! Anders and Varric's mails. I died laughing so hard.😂

So, my final verdict: A nice, entertaining game with a lot of grinding, and some hilarious moments. Do like me and get it on sale and have no expectations or you'll end up slightly disappointed.

Anyway those are some of my thoughts on the game. 
Until next time!
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I know you're female 
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Why do you sound discriminatory? Knowing you I can see a terrible remark following a reply If you get one. Just let people be If that's case man. I've seen your activity and you're asking a lot of people if they are female. Why does it matter? Can't you just appreciate them either way?
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But people like you are the best. :hug:
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... Please hook Markus up with Connor.
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LOL I'm having lots of Markus x Simon requests as well. 
Markus' love life is popular! :D
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Yeah, the pairing Markus x Simon is extremely understandable (and canon, even if it might be one-sided).
But it gets at least some content while Markus and Connor are... albeit EXTREMELY plausible, never paired with each other.
Breaks my heart and makes me wanna do renders VERY badly. Why can' they extract them? It has been done with PS4 models before.
*falls to his knees*
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