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Marlon Wayans Robin

By Elmic-Toboo
The third Tim Burton Batman Film!
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Ok, tell me you're not serious.
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Wait why is robin black not to sound racist or anything but why get a black guy to play the boy wonder
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i actually heard that robin was going to be played by christian bale....that would've been ironic
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Yeah, Christian Bale auditioned for Robin in Schumacher's Batman Forever (after Burton was fired from the project, and credited as producer).
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Marlon Wayans as Robin?!! FYI: Burton hated Robin and was NEVER going to use him in his Batman Flicks. Daniel Waters, despised the character of Robin, who was supposed to be in the first film. Quote by Waters: “Tim and I personally hate him, he's just the most worthless character in the world, especially with Tim's conception of Batman as the loner of loners.”
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dont forget the fact that burton stated:
"do i look like the type of guy who reads comic books?" making a jab at people who do in fact read them
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That's funny cause Burton claims to love The Killing Joke comic for it's pictures and not the story itself.
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see, that just proves it right there, he didnt take the time to read something that written very well, tim burton hasnt been a respectable director in a very long time, he doesnt know how to tell a story anymore.
i feel that the only reason why people like him as much as they do is because the looks of his movies are bizarre 
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Yes, they did hate robin, but someone else on the crew loved the character, and they felt they had to include him somehow. According to rumors, this Robin was going to be a street-wise african american kid, who used to be part of a gang, and occasionally acted as Batman's mechanic for the Bat-Mobile.
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Okay? Yes, I'm sorry! I hadn't watched the Shadows of the Bat: The Cinematic Saga of the Dark Knight Part 4 for a while and forgot about that! Yeah, makes sense now.
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