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Elvis Presley is... SUPERMAN!



Recently been creating my own shared DC universe and been casting what I feel as appropriate yet unexpected actors to play the character within the universe.

(Here's Kal-El's character discription)
(btw This is simply what I would do with the character if it were up to me, so haters gonna hate :) )

Kal-El was found as a toddler inside a meteorite that crashed inside the White House in 1952. The US president (Harry S. Truman) adopted him and he became America’s first Superhero, Superman: The Man of Steel.
The gravity on his home planet, Krypton, was around about 70 times as strong as earth’s thus giving him the ability to defy Earth’s gravity.
Kal-El is totally up himself, incredibly arrogant and secretly he’s a fascist. Also a bit of a man-child

(The direction I took was to really take the piss out of Superman, since it happened to Batman in the 1960's. I feel that Batman is an incredibly awesome character, and after watching the first Christopher Reeves Superman movie the other night, (a big let-down) I felt that it was well over due for Superman to be adapted in a very different way, or something. Anyway enjoy :)
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Wow looks good as superman