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Real Pencil Brushes for GIMP

Inspired by DeviantArt user ~wflu and a gimptalk tutorial Grumpy Farmer by *Griatch-art, I felt the need to develop a sketching brush that would feel and look like a real pencil, and that would enable me to draw individual lines. Like that I can skip a sketching stage on real paper.
Have fun, and show me one of your accomplishments!
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Thank you. These look great!

Thank you! Looking forward to trying these out!

Hoping to try my hand at digital drawing. Thanks for the brushes!

I really appreciate these brushes! Couldn't think of a way to initial some of my 3D images, other than just using regular fonts. I'm a student, so wasn't even aware of the availability of things like this. Thank you!!

Thank you! This brushes are really usefull

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Thank you for sharing this!

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Coming back here, I want to lengthen my comment because it turns out that these are THE brushes I'll use to get used with digital drawing, and probably be my main brushes for the rest of my life, that's how much I love these. Again, thanks for the free brushes!

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Probably the best GIMP brushes in my life. I use them quite often, but there is probably the first artwork I've posted on dA: 

Azarath Metrion... something something by daguchna

Hope you like it and thank you! <3
can you help me, i don't know how to download it.
still when i use it it looks like a generic black line any idea?
nevermind,found the button

hi! could you please tell me what is the button you're talking about? i'm trying these brushes out but i can't seem to make them work like they do in the preview image

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These brushes are exactly what I was looking for, thank you!!! :lovesquee: 
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how do you put these in gimp? is it automatic?
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thank you for this! :hug:
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These look super cool! Gives my drawings a warm look :) thank you!
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Ah, I just love the look and use of these brushes! Thank you for creating these!
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These are great! They flow beautifully~ :D
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thanks, these make my sketches look much more authentic. used them here:…
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