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The reason I am not gonna post for a while is because my rabbit just died yesterday. So I am not in the mood to make art. Her name was Stomper, I catch her back in 2009 from my mom's boss farm. I got permission to take one because some of the rabbit had ashapte, and only the mother and her children was secured in from the fox. So I took one of her chileneren and cald her Stomper. She was a beautiful mix between a lionhead rabbit and a long ear rabbit. But she didn't have long ears. She lived for 9 years. That is the normal liver span for a rabbit but they can live up to 13 years. She had a good life. She was allowed to run free around the garden. Because she was just like the cat we have. She had learned from the cats how they had received attention and snuggle form us. They was free to go around as long they come back to use when we called for them. It's so much more I can tell about her but I don't have the heart to do it now.

So I am going to take a break and calm down for the shock and since it's summer I have som traveling plans with friend and family to. And that the reason I haven't been so aktie the four weeks of sumer.

So I wil se you all later.
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Well it look like I am finally on the Amino app XD

I have for long plan on joining the app but never did I take time to download it. But now I have. And it amazing. But even if I am only in two groups I really like it so far. Special the official Mr. Creepypastas community. I have finally found my daily dose of creepiness Creepy stare 
And I am in my hero academia community also. I don't know why, but I am.All Might V Icon 
I am thinking about join a Furry community and maybe some Pokemon community soon. But I don't know yet. And it really great to be back at creepypastas. I am so into creepypasta back in middle school and that was the time I did draw so many creepypasta stuff everywhere. Because my life was shity then. But it disappeared when I started high school, and I wasn't that in to creepypasta anymore. But enough about that.
So because I am in the game again. Maybe i'll start doing more creepypasta, gore and horror relatie art. Because I live for horror. And maybe I will make my one creepypasta Oc XD Omg I feel stupid know, but I have always want to make one. And it shall be good~!!
And some My Hero Academia art would be nice, Because why not.

So if you are interested in finding me on Amino I am only in two groups
My Hero Academia - Name: Elmer #157 Typhlosion (will change later)
MrCreepypasta - Name: Unwanted

Or just let me know
Because it really difficult to find people on Amino Don't you ignore me 
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Hey hey it look like I have got me some core from my bestest friend MyLittleJewMonster I love you wink grin 

So what am I going to the with my core...... nothing special actually. It's only last for one month, and I don't have the economy to keep paying for it. So it's just going to be the same. Except for one thing. I have changed my name to something more relatable to me. No more Etcchi-Yandere but Elmer157Typhlosion,new year new me. As they says ;)

And now cant people mistaken me for doing porn XD Because ecchi stand for playful sexual act, but can also refer to anime or manga with pervert nature. Ok that was totally taken out form Wikipedia XD But I could explain it better. So yeah no more mild porno name or crazy yandere shit. And I had to have the terrible spelling mistake for almost two years. That was not my mistake but the test I did take. It was a test about finding my anime nickname ore something like that I can't remember it correctly. And on that test that has spells ecchi wrong, and of course at the time it thought that it was an cool name. It was but the spelling mistake destroyed everything. So ofcorse I did go after what they had written on the test. :bademoticon: 

But now I have changed it to more like me. I wanted to have a name that everyone would recognize me on every platform. So Elmer became my internet name. Elmer is actually
the nickname I gave my stare Pokemon Cyndaquil in Soul Silver. The name it's a little twist for the professor name in generation 2, Professor Elm. And I love it and I love my Typhlosion even morer. Elmer is everything for me Typhlosion laughing gif 
But I had a problem when I was changing my user name. Llama Emoji-66 (Orly) [V3] 

I had plan on calling myself for Elmer#157Typhlosion the same name in use on my google plus account. But apparently I can't use the hashtag, I was only allowed to use the hyphen. And the number 157 is important because it the index number for Typhlosion. so when I removed the hashtag it kind remind me of a random number often used when a user name is already taken and you have to write 47 after or something like that. But when I remove the number it naked. But in the end I did just go with Elmer157Typhlosion.

And I hope people will understand that 157 is typhlosion index number not a random number ^^''
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So I am home again. Oh boy how I miss home and my cats and rabbits TTwTT My sweet baby's. I hate every time I have to leave them when I am going on vacation. But anyway everyone seems fine, so how was this little ''adventure'' for me this time.

To be honest it was not bad, I have never feels so relaxed before. Maybe because I didn't share room with my mom and little brother this time. And I have the opportunity to make my own routines. Instead of do whatever my mom tells me to. But still I had to look after my friend John. Wake him up in the mornings and make him go to bed early like he man manages to stand up the next day ^^'' But that how he is ^^''

So the last stop on this vacation was Germany. Holy cow how my feets hurt after a the walking and standing. When you thin you have seen all of Berlin, you are wrong. Even after I had planned everything we was going to do for the 5 days we was der. I always discover new things like suddenly it was an Antique Museum ther and you even could visit the rebuilt copy version of Hitler bunker. But I have to save that for next time I am visiting Germany TTwTT

And I've got a lot of drawing, so I am happy. But I am not finished with all of them. And I have more in store to.... work work all you have to do is work TTwTT

Oh~ and I hope you like the littell edition I have on the top. Everyone is using it so why not try it out. It looks more fancy like whit it XP Tho I don't do anything special when I am writing journals. I try to stay focused when I am writing so I don't want any distractions :P

So hope you have had a wonderful summer vacation so far~

Another year and another summer full with traveling plans and complain for my little brother.

So this summer I am going to another vacation far from home. I am going to travel this time to Maldives and be there in two weeks. After that I am going to spend one week in germany. You may think I am lucky, but I am not. Yes I am lucky to get the chance to travel to all this places. But We always argue, my brother wants to be back home to only play on his computer all day. And we always do the same thing every day, always chillin with the pool all day. And I am sick of it.

I may sound really negative about it but i still have hope that is going to be a fun summer vacation. This time my best friend is going to be with us. And then I have someone to go to when things not go so well anymore. And im a really looking forward to being in Germany. And Germany is one of the places I want to travel to. it's so many thing to explore. And I really love Germany. I was there last year to but just in 3 days so not so much time to look at everything. But now we are going to be there in one hole weak. And I will set up every plan for the trip, where we are going and when we are going. ^w^

So a little summary I am going to be away for 3 weeks. And I may not have connection to the internet. But I managed to be fine without it. So when I come home then I will have some drawings to post afterward. And maybe I have found the inspiration to draw more and practice on my drawing skills. ;-) 

I will see you when I come home again. Wish me luck.
So I am home... finally!!
So say it the trip was that bad at all, it was really really relasking. And the temperature was perfect just like the norwegian summer B) and I have so many drawing I am going to show you guys. But I managed to forget my marker at home. So most of the drawings are just sketchers ^^'' but I am going to try to finish them as fast as I can.

So I must we tell something that have happened during my trip to Egypt. First of all I love the egyptian ancient history, It's so packed with so many interesting things like how they lived, what hapend to them, ther gods, how they buld ther piramids, hieroglyphs and ther ruler. But I didn't have the chance to go on a trip to look at the pyramids. But in the hotel it was a guy that was a trawling guide. And the told us so many interesting about the agent Egypt. and the was running a spice and herb shop.

And their egyptian tea is so perfect =w= I thing I have a tea drinking problem or as T call it ''Tea Galskap'' becuse on my way home did bought som many different team pages that I cant get in Norway XD

And I got the chance to dive in the ocean, 5m under the water and swim with a beautiful sea cow. They look so different when they ar in the wild compared to those who live in captivity. And I drove through the desert with the ATV quad bike, the view was so beautiful. And one of the most unexpected was that I was checked up by three guys. Help........

But the bad thing about this trip was that my mother could not shut up about my little brother gaming addiction =,= every time my brother say the he wanted to go back to Norway, and my mother would answer with ''no you just want to go home and play game all day'' and this made me very annoyed and led to that I got in a bad mood.

So this trip was still fun and really unusual and uncomfortable. And the the new year I was actually supposed to celebrate it with my father but no i had to go to Poland for that and that led to that I felt really uncomfortable in that situation.

So I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year!! \(^o^)/
So this is my first journal, so let's dig right in to it ;)

I have said it before but I have to say it again. I am going to celebrate christmas and new year in egypt. I am traveling tomorrow first to Poland and the to Egypt and I am not back before the 2. January.

And when it come to making art for christmas and new year. I am not sure if i can do it, or maybe I am lucky enough to get permission to go on the internet when I am there ^^'' And of all those have ask me to do a request from them. I am really sorry that I haven't finished them yet. So many thing have got in my way, like school stuff. It's a real pain in the ass == But I am stil going to do it, so do not worry ^w^

But at least I will have some new drawing that I can post, when I get back ;) And I hope this trip is going to be better than the last one. It's always som family trouble =,= So I vil se you then when I am back X3

And of course Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you all!!!! \(^w^)/