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When you made yourself a earth pony by Elmer157Typhlosion When you made yourself a earth pony by Elmer157Typhlosion
Ok this is a drawing I will never finish because I made myself an earth pony by accident ^^''

This was supposed to a funny dwraing about me and my friend. I had bought a suit vest, a black tie and a white shirt for a cosplay. When I was finished cosplaying for the day. I took a picture of me in the suit and send it to a friend. Because I look dam good in a suit, and I loved wearing it. Then I got a response from my friend saying that I look really good in it but the only thing I was missing was having my hair in a little ponytail. Then I would win her heart if i was a guy OwO!

So I had to make a drawing for it but of course I forgot to draw the wings XD how even magen I to forget the wings. So I have to let the drawing be as it is. But maybe in the future I will reward it. And don't forget the wings then XD
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