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The Jotun form the ritual  by Elmer157Typhlosion The Jotun form the ritual  by Elmer157Typhlosion
This is the monster from the british horror movie the ritual. This is one of the best horror movie I have seen except Deliver us from evil.

The monster is a Jotun and one of Loki's lost son. From Norund mythology I really like the design and wanted to draw it.

I wanted to make more effekt on it and more fiting background. But I had no idea what to make and I didn't want to destroy it.
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DataPony Featured By Owner Mar 8, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Then I guess, you haven't seen any good horror movies, yet. The movie was okayish, but not more. It was not even scary, but sadly very predictable.

The drawing is quite great though, I immediately recognized it. :)
Elmer157Typhlosion Featured By Owner Mar 14, 2018  Student Artist

You know that horror movie don't have to be scary. Horror are so much more than just scary. Horror is about the unknown and the unbelievable that lurk in the shadows, in your house or right next door, that will make you skin crawl or get you uncomfortable with the gore and blood splatter.

I really like this movie because I had an interesting backstory with the people that live beyond natural life, how the character act under the circumstances, the nerwing atmosphere in the woods and my favorite the hanging deer. That don't even look like a deer XD
It was not a typical jumpscare, that is so overused in every horror movie but and uncomfortable side zoom shot that that work really well on me.

This movie was something new, and britain make some really good horror movies. That taket a different turn turn then the hollywood horror movies

I respect your opinion but don't come to me and say that I haven't watched “any good horror movies". We all have different opinions.

But it good that you at least like the drawing. So thank you for that

DataPony Featured By Owner Mar 14, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Horror movies have to be scary. Otherwise it's just a thriller. Or a mystery flick. And "making my skin crawl" I would define as scary.

Yeah, this was indeed the good thing about the movie. That it wasn't totally cliché but used some not totally overused characters. They seemed realistic enough, too. And I agree, that jumpscares are not the way to go, but neither is this movie.

There was not much newness to be had in the movie. Except the characters, the rest was cliché beyond belief. Some guys go strolling about, lose their way, get dragged into some shit, die. It was very very predictable.

Honestly, I think it mostly failed to deliver as a horror. Some in the reviews call it a thriller. Because it was just that... A thriller with some horror elements. But yeah, it's just my opinion, sorry. But it's mostly average rated on the internet as well, so I can't be that wrong.

If you want to watch something not totally generic, which I actually would call a horror movie, you might want to try "It follows". (if you have not done so already) 
Elmer157Typhlosion Featured By Owner Mar 14, 2018  Student Artist

I understand what you mean but we also have horror comedy that is technically not scary but funny with a little dash of gore

When people is talking about the movie wasn't scary enough. I see it as it haden enough scare ''jumpscare". I have a friend that don't want to see horror movie with me because they aren't ''scary enough" she is only looking for the scare not the creepy factor

Yeah I could work as a triller to but I have the little ekstar that it stait a horror movie. The little ekstar most for the thriller movies don't have because it don't want to become a horror genre. So we could say it's a mix. And that is totally fine because most of the horror movie is also under the thriller genre to.

And yes I have seen It follow. It was ok but not my favorite, because I couldn't forget what timezone this was happening in the "scare" didn't get me. And all of my friend agreed that the only one thing that was “scary” in that movie was the ball that was kicked on the window. That even made a dud in the cinema squeal a little bit XD. But I sure live up to the creep vibe special with the tall guy of the "killer". I had an interesting storyline and good actor the character are acceptable but the ending was confusing, because guy did walking behind them could just be a ordinary guy ore it could be nothing special at all.

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