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Request Sin'Kar by Elmer157Typhlosion Request Sin'Kar by Elmer157Typhlosion

This is a request for CetusSantis. This is in a way my first request except for the drwraing I make for my friends. I was someone that asked me for a request before, but I never started on it and the user has was deleted after some time.

But back to the drawing. This is Sin'Kar a character from CetusSantis fanfiction ¨My little pony curse and madness¨. I have read the first episode and it’s not that bad. You can read the first episode here:…

It’s so many interesting character introduced in this story. But I ended up with drawing Sin'Kar. Because not so many people have drawn him. And I want to draw a dragon because i love dragons. But Sin’Kar is an interesting character himself. He is the only one left of the dragon of darkness clan. His clan wanted to exterminate everyone that isn't of the species dragon. But they lost the war an Sin'Kar was the only one left. But more about him will he explain in the fanfiction. I am not the expert so to the artor if I said something wrong about him I am sorry.

And because Sin'Kar doesn't have a finshist look yet. I had to combine two different type for him and I made my imagination go lose to on this drawing. So I edit some small thing and mix another thing. So I hope it turns out as you wanted I am sorry I made some change that was not like you are imagen him. I tried my best to capture his personality and character and because he is an assassin, I tried to give him the whip like it. but i feel that he resemble more little bit like a ninja XD

I am really proud of the coloring and shading in this drawing. At some places it look a little bit shaggy. But it works and for the background, I was thinking about colour it to but I did se that if made one mistake it would all be destroyed. So I ended it with shadowing the hole background. And it do not look so bad.

So let’s enjoy the drawing for now~

CetusSantis Featured By Owner Feb 1, 2018
Very nice.
You did good job!
Elmer157Typhlosion Featured By Owner Feb 2, 2018  Student Artist
Thank you very much. I am glad you liked it ˆwˆ
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