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Pokemon: Lucario's training by Elmer157Typhlosion Pokemon: Lucario's training by Elmer157Typhlosion
This is the second drawing my cousin wanted me to draw for him. And this is also a part of his birthday present, he is also getting a pokemon trading card 10 pack from me to ^w^
Well he ackley ask me to draw any pokemon I want to, because he did not know what pokemon he wants me to draw. But in the ended I did draw Lucario. Lucario is also one for everyone's favorite pokemon, but he can beat Pikachu after all. And he also has a full art work and hollow pokemon card of Lucaris that he really likes. So I decided to draw Lucario in a kung fu pose. Because Lucario is resemble with many different martial arts. I actually wanted to draw Lucario doing a Aura Sphere, but that didn't quite work out. And then I ended up with just a powerstream that was circulated Lucario when he is training.

This one I am sure he is going to like. I hope he is going to like pokemon as long as he wishes and not be affected by his friend that have ''Grown'' it off. happy cry XD 
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August 25, 2017
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