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My girlfriend is a t-rex: Churio by Elmer157Typhlosion My girlfriend is a t-rex: Churio by Elmer157Typhlosion

Ok I have totally fallen in love with monster girls/boys. So of course I am reading some manga about them. And this time it's My girlfriend is a T-rex and it's only to volume long. this manga is about dinosaurs that have evolved to be more human like. And we meet Yuuma a happy go lucky guy that come a across a girl T-rex name Churio. And he fall in love with Cheerio in a way...

The manga is not clear if they are becoming a couple through the manga or not. And that are the only problem with this manga is too short and it's don't say anything about if Churio is Yuuma's girlfriend. Then it's not called My girlfriend is a T-rex for no reason. I was hoping for love duby stuff between Churiu and Yuuma, but it wasn't much of that. And they do it fit perfectly together. We have the stupid Churio the T-rex trying to live like a normal dinosaur/person with the help of Yuuma that plays innocent but can be really scary sometime. But it still the manga manages to entertain me thru it, and it's relly funny to XD.
i was always wondering what the next thing they would do. if you like monster girls/boys then is a manga for you. It may be a little too short but it's still fun to reading.

And it is for all ages so it's noe type of Ecchi or Henta manga ;P

So I had to draw Churio, enjoy X3
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April 15, 2017
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