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My Russebokse 2017 (Info in description) by Elmer157Typhlosion My Russebokse 2017 (Info in description) by Elmer157Typhlosion

So it is 19. May already and that means the russie time is over and 17. May Norway national day Flag of Norway.  So this year I have been something called Russ, you may not know what it is but i will try to explain it to you.

Ok Russ or the Russefeiring are an annual tradition and a Norwegian cultural phenomenon where we celebrate 13 year of school. Wear we go around with dungarees or a dress in a certain color for the education way you take. In 3 weeks without washing it if you do one of your leg on the dress get cut of. This last to 17. May and in this time it's about Party as much as you want or can and do as many challenges as you can. And add the ''price'' you get from it on your Russe hat. And of course we got a nickname to.

So this year it was my turn to be part of the russen 2017 so I had to post the picture of my green dungarees. Wear green stand for agricultural school. 

So on my beautiful dungarees I have some ironing mark of some meme and some marking, and you kan se some of the beautiful drawing of my best friend's Snxlingen John-Blund and my niece. I have also drawn on it myself, I had to draw the logo of my favorite bands Demon Hunter, Skillet and Dead Rabbitts.  Tho I manage to dwra Demon Hunter logo the wrong way and Dead Rabbitts don't have an officials logo so I just took the silhouette from their newest album ''Dead Again''. kaomoji set 2 14/67 

So it's nothing else I can say about. I haven't Party so much because none of my friend want to do it and I don't drink alcohol ether. So I survive the most ''important'' 3 week of my life. Lucy - sigh 

P.s I am sorry that I could not translate all for the word, its no official english word for it. And i'll post a picture of my Russe hat later and son drawing I have made on my russe card. Yes we have our own personal card that we give to the kids.

P.s.s I have amazing skills on paint..... no I haven't LazyIcon I wanna use - 3 
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May 19, 2017
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