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I failed everyone, and now she is coming for me by Elmer157Typhlosion I failed everyone, and now she is coming for me by Elmer157Typhlosion
So this drawing is inspired by the Pinkamena game on mobile. Where you play to roll of Hector Silvermane, captain of the royal guard. That have ben sent to a quiet little pony town by the Princess of the Sun herself to investigate reports of dark magic and murder.

The task in the game is to find who is pinkamena and it's also hidden 5 changeling to. It really fun, but I  have not won the game yet ^^'' So that is why I made this drawing. This is when you have lost the game. you have to find all of them and execute them, to win the game.

It's not a official picture of Silverman, so i had to imagine me how he cud look like. We know that he have hoff hair and his coat is white/silver. form when you lose the game. So I started to picture him as a fjording one of the norwegian horse race. The fjording can have a gray/silver cota, and that is just perfekt. So silvermane is a gray/silver fjording. And the cutie mark is a silver badge with a horseshoe in. I designed the cutie marke like that because he is a captain so it's typical to have something like a bag or a shield as a cutimare. And the horseshoe resemble he as a man, stallion, earth pony, mane whatever. So I am really happy how he turn out ^w^ hope you like it.

if you want to try the game for yourself here is the link. and also support the game maker:
For PC -…
For Android…

P.s Silvermane is also a villain in the Spiderman series XD
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February 4, 2017
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