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Cosplay for Suicide Squad premier by Elmer157Typhlosion Cosplay for Suicide Squad premier by Elmer157Typhlosion

oh sorry.... ok.. I am going to tell you something, so me and galaxy jumper was on the premiere of suicide squad. So since I and Galaxy Jumper are comics nerds, i want to cosplay somone from the movie. Since it was the premier if the movie, we had to XD

And it was so nice of Galaxy Jumper to ask me this late at night, if I wanted to see it with her. And the easy thing I could cosplay at so short time was Harley Quinn. I just had to find the right makeup and some clothes in my closets, that look like hers. So I just set up my hair and tried my best to make me lok like her. I also color my hair red with hair color that disappears in the shower. I tried to color my hair blue with a hair color that Galaxy Jumper had home. but it didn't work.

So when we was at the movie we was the only that had cosplay someone from the movie. People smile to us and While some looked strangely at us. But it was totally worth it X3 
And galaxy jumper even made her one singlet with the logo on.

And the movie was awesome, love it. And I recommend to all of you. I don't care what people say about it, just deal with it.

It so I had to make an art of it, where we cosplay harley just like we did on the premier. And I even color it ^w^ white paint tho ^^'' Enjoy~!!
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August 6, 2016
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