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Burning my littel friend by Elmer157Typhlosion Burning my littel friend by Elmer157Typhlosion
So my niece birthday is just around the corner and why not make a drawing to her. She is going to celebrate her birthday together with her big sister to. And I have made them each a unique drawing. I really hope they don't begin to fight over each other drawings. Also I painted this with watercolor. I had a little problem with the matching colors, but was at least a better result than the Beta Entei VS Entei watercolor drawing.

And if you are wondering who is the Guinea Rig and the Rottweiler in this painting is. The Guinea Pig is my niece pet, his name is Burning and she really loves him. I am not aloud to carry him to his cage. She have to do it or se is locking the door to the bedroom where the cage is ^^'' Se is only 5 year old tho. The Rottweiler is one of the family dog. They have two Rottweiler together and they are the biggest member for the family and everyone love theme.

I am going to post the other drawing but I just have to get a better picture of it.
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August 25, 2017
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