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Bakugan: Runo by Elmer157Typhlosion Bakugan: Runo by Elmer157Typhlosion
Finely are I drawing someone else then just Shun Kazami form Bakugan ^^''
I really like Runo, it's really sad that her and Dan is no longer together. Their relationship just ended after New Vestroia.... WHY!!!!
When they finally did get together they just leave either other. But I think that Dan was more busy with battling than spending time with Runo. But it really fun that they later did bring her back in Mechtanium Surge. Tho they have just have made her weaker brawler then in the first season, I am really disappointed by that

I am not quite happy how this turned out. I am not quite comfortable to use photoshop. But at least I manage to fix it to at least look acceptable. And I did just improvise with the background, I was not sure what to have back there. And I am thing about to try to make the same drawing just tradisonalt, to see the difference between my skills on traditional art and digital art. So that will be the next thing to do~! Dan Kusi Dance 
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November 8, 2017
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