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Windows 7 See Through Folder

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Windows 7 - See Through Folder Icon Set.
A set of icons I made when I first got Windows 7 as an experiment in being able to see the full Album or Film cover.
I then decided to go with the glass effect (Vista) folders and so dropped this project.
I'd originally posted these on a website I later got banned from (I'm told I'm a :ahoy::pirate:!!) and subsequently forgot all about them.

That is, until I saw them today on WSF (My original post in June has since disappeared). So I thought I'd stick up the originals as well.

The zip file contains the (imageres.dll compatible) numbered icons they replace and the PNG files. If you want to stay with the original yellow folder icons you only need to replace the #6 icon (clear front).

The icons contain 256sq, 64sq, 48sq, 32sq, 24sq and 16sq and will work in 64 and 32 bit systems (64 bit systems have two imageres files to amend, one in System32, the other in SysWOW64).

Apologies to downloaders before 01:27am 05/09/2010 BST.

I'd missed out the #6 png file. Now corrected.

Mega Thanks to redox365 for pointing it out to me.

The clear front for Aero glass folders is now uploaded here. There is also a link to both style PSD files on that page.

If you use any, a nod in my direction and maybe a link so I can see is all I ask. Would be nice to see where they are going!!
Thanks go to M$ for the original artwork!
© 2010 - 2020 Elmer-BeFuddled
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MagdalinaHallowayHobbyist General Artist
Downloaded bcs Flo <333333333333
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how do you change the folders? i'm quite new in this.
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I tried this in windows 8 replacing both Sys32 and WOW64 no luck! Anyone have a fix
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why isnt it transparent when i put the folder icon
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Hey man, thanks for these. I added a few iconsizes and shared them here vokol.deviantart.com/art/Windo…
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Janiel1984Hobbyist Interface Designer
is possible to make a front cover without transparency?
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SNSDraimakimStudent Interface Designer
awesome :D
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Gauges/Folders luv 'em and shared them,thank you!!
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oOoPandaAmberoOoHobbyist Artist
i dont get how to use it O_O
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A late reply, I know. First off, what system are you running? It's a simple matter of changing icons in some system files, but you also have to by-pass Windows security to do it.
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Can you tell me the SysWOW64 folder to change what?
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There should (maybe??) be an imageres.dll file in the SysWOW64 folder as well as the System32 folder. They are both identical so you only need to modify one file. You can then use the one modified file to replace both of the original imageres.dll system files
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Arc in sevenforums finely ripped you :D
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Arcs comment to me here. I've hidden the original as the signature is not in English and may be offensive to younger persons.

You said that you posted it after seeing that of mine on that website . Why didn't you do it previously ? It is not a good practice to blame others . There are some guys who are not pirates ... they dont do piracy of softwafe or arts .

I would request you to not measure everyone at the same known yardstick .
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very vice!
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P.S. I lurve vice!!!!!
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W7F sucks

Thanks for these folders because I didn't think it was possible to create custom folders and display thumbnails (properly).
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wow! nice dude....I'll take it! hear where I can get one like this icon psd to make other styles?
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Thanks jgustavoma,

A link towards the end of this upload will take you to where you can get both PSD files.

Elmer BeFuddled
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Nice, but you forgot to add a #6 ping (256).
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I didn't forget, I just wanted to see if anyone was awake!!

OK, OK, I did forget (hangs head in shame)

#6 png file now added.

thanks for pointing that out redox365

Elmer BeFuddled
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BeFuddled by name, befuddled by nature etc. etc.
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