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Happy Birthday Zoro, 2013

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A highly excitable nekomata that likes to paint herself wild colors and sometimes walk around in human guise. Collects handsome men to play with like most cats collect dead animals... or yarn balls. Yarn balls sounds nicer, doesn't it?

But the dead animal part is true. Cats are crazy. Hint hint.

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Michael Whelan
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Brooklyn 99
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TMBG, Billy Joel
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Unabridged Fairy Tales
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Stephen King
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Silent Hill 2, Silent Hill 3
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Sea life & animals

FML - updated

FML - updated

Heh, doing better http://orokana-neko.blogspot.com/ my gallery is here now My hormones mixed with depression really bring me down sometimes. Maybe a list will help. Who knows. And yes, I know that my stuff will seem very little compared to some other folks' problems... it's just that I've gotten really bad lately and need to think. BTW, I have a Blogger ...erhm... blog, which I've been using much more than this one. It's now the "cnetral hub" of all my links out, like to here and whatnot. It's at: http://ellysketchit.blogspot.com/ Bad things in life I'm angry and anxious because we don't ever seem to have enough money. People won't buy

Everything sucks - but hey, I have super powers

Everything sucks - but hey, I have super powers

Yeah, so... haven't posted anything in ages because my computer died. I lost everything on it - although I do have an external hard drive I back important things up with, so it wasn't that bad. The bad part is, I can't add my drawing programs to Zoro's computer, and I can't access the scanner as well as I used to, so even sketching is out for posting for awhile. Kinda bummed. Oh, and for all those out there that have ever wished they wanted "super powers"? Don't. It sucks. I'm what they refer to as - and I didn't even know this had a name until we researched like crazy, thinking something was wrong -- a "SLIder". I short out anything ele

The Darkest Timeline

The Darkest Timeline

...is what Zoro & I are calling this year. Honestly, it's been the worst year we've ever had since we got married (and that's saying a lot, since he got fired once and we had serious money issues when we first got married way back 8 years ago - 9 year anniversary soon, by the way, heh).  The major appliances breaking, the car, his grandparents getting worse & worse, my multiple illnesses getting worse... and now, MORE ILLNESS. AAAAAAAAUGHHHHH Yeah, so now I have sciatica. It's BAD, boys and girls, women and men - super bad. Like, can't sit, can't stand, nothing feels okay sometimes. I'm heavily padded on the couch, can't sleep witho

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Are you the same Elly Sketchit that makes squishables? Cause if so, I love your Wolf in Sheep's Clothing design! He's my favorite out of all of them. I even drew him for bring your Squishable to work day! (Hope you don't mind.)

Yep! I just don't come here anymore really... this was a lark. LOL. 

Awwww, that was awesome of you! I was hoping that at least one of the tons of designs I made would make it, but I don't advertise so... they won't. Heh heh. Thankies, though!!! And I faved your drawing. :3
Aw, thanks. I'm thinking of posting my own designs as well, just as suggestions. It would be cool if one made it, but I'm mostly looking to share my ideas, and inspire others to do the same. :03
Hope you are doing well!
I sent an angel to watch over you last night but it came back.
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Send this to ten friends including me.
I guess if I don't get it back I'm not one of them. As soon as you get five replies someone you love will quietly surprise you.
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Happy birthday ~!! :party: