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The acceptance of the poll has been so great that I can not include all the works in a single Art Feature. For this reason, there will be two parts.


Art Feature for myWatchers and Friends.
Thank you all who participated in my poll 
Thank you so much!!

Now, feature time...........


The Aura Universe. by Jigglypuff239

Looking at the night sky by nishagandhi

Look at the stars... by DreamThestral  Freedom by SoPhoenix

Gold Fae by RReddVar

   Enchantment by Miaein

Emma Watson by LadyDattebayo  Kindred by IKrystalDrawing

Dark Charade by perzarus

ID Persona: Sirina by Sephiius  Glory (Vase is a 3D model created by me) by awesome43

Falsehood... by lauraypablo

Happy Halloween 2016[+SPEEDPAINT AVAILALBE] by MasterofDemise  Hair study/Portrait by tdktdktdk

Misery Mire (Dungeon) by CarlosAE  Shelter - Rin by iknowmeforever

Ophelia's Madness by PendragonArts-GEA

Random Jak Edit by undeadtoastycosplay  Reaper Mariachi by msdeath666

  Black Rose by Arthur-Ramsey

Mother And Baby by Shirley-Agnew-Art

Candle By Ethereal Forest by Andorada  Crackle Mosaic by EvaArtist 4 by EvaArtist

Sunset between the clouds by exobiologyart

Marilyn Monroe Love by NikasoArt  

All My Friends Are Heathens Take It Slow by GossipStone OC - Rayban Rocket by Dance4life628

Key To Happiness, Key To Love by Sisterslaughter165

Mariano by SlowMoTrol  Flower Girl by ShazzySprinkles

  ZedXRoya by ZedAnimeLover

Happy Halloween by Irina-E

  Cats at Night by QwistayCat

.Icabod Crane. by Aya-Lunar  

Rawr like you mean it! - Tyrantrum  baby Tyrunt by KimikoGlaciem  OC ~ Two villainous friends by danizu

Anger of Regina by CeliliaWonder

The Gate To The Fairytale by Lolita-Artz

The Closed Eyes of Love - Remake by SanneAdeen  Ordinary by Chrisily  erbynn by Zir-Con

Happy Birthday: ArthurRamsey by Halowing  Pumpkin Cat - October 2nd by Viviane-Garese  * But nobody fell... by autumnlibrarian    

The Stellar Bridge by skaleczona  Fishers of Men by McKitten96

The Last Fight by Fizza-Digitalart

APH: Taiwan by theshrillcriesoflife  

Meeri Neko Girl - Post Aurigael Contest Entry (2) by Anisa-Mazaki  Yuuike 2016 by ShAnimee  Wanderer by ClausRegal

Shells by Saphyrae  

   At: Yuuki by yuukihanabusa

Unwritten by ebee-the-artist  Maple Dragon by Viperwings  Kaneki Ken by FizzGerberaa

The dark intrudes by ZambieMaster  ''Patchmon Digivolve To...'' by Strayhowl

Vaiki Gift Art - Parthenon and Annie by AutumnColorsFall  Miss fortune by Wakettina 

Sirens Call by lisawheels89

Evening with my  Blue Cat by Atsuko-09   You are my sunlight by KeorhanISCrazy

Mature Content

Diva And Tarantula by MissGamzee

Mature Content

Happy Birthday, Young Master by Book-Nose

Commission - Trapped by Happy-go-Creative

  Baobhan Sith by DeeDee2015

Chained by InweMeneldur    

Hall of Hearst's Indoor Pool by Colonel-Knight-Rider

Forever by silviya

46/52 Luna by Kva-Kva  In the Hunting Spirit by Mistystar7 4242016 016 by FutureMonarch

The Hunt by Blunell  USS-Enterprise-A by C-B-Liberty

Dew Drop Princess 1 by kpencil  Minerva's Owl in Oils by Alithographica   

Katy Perry Royal Revolution by Emmabro14    Inktober day 6 - Daydreamer by Anonymous-Shrew Comission - Devil Mercy /Overwatch/ by ImaginemonsterVi


Lovers BaneFrom the celestial realm
The judgment final
Skies abandoned
I fell...
I scoured the lands
Feigned ages passed
The entrance unknown
A clue
The forlorn quest ending...
A gate
I entered the chaotic pits
Desperately searching
Whispering futile prayers for guidance...
A fog
Nightmares appeared
My vein hope forsaken
Darkness seeming eternal
Madness closing in...
You saved me
We hid
To no avail
My deception failed
We fled...
Your brethren gave chase
Time stood still
We escaped...
We left two worlds behind
Lost to this damnation
Called humanity...
   Levi x Reader - In Darkness [Soulmate!AU](AU Note: For maximum effect, listen to this)
The little bus rattled along the small uneven road, its engine coughing loudly with each bump and rut that it encountered. The four occupants of the bus bounced up and down in their seats with each maneuver of the bus. None of them complained, all eyes on the scenery surrounding them. The bus driver grinned as he watched the three passengers looking out the windows, excitement reflected in their eyes.
“Feast your eyes, mates. Ain’t nothing as beautiful as this countryside,” he called out.
“Ain’t that the truth of it,” one of the female passengers called out before turning to her son who was staring open-mouthed at the green fields dotted with yellow and red flowers. “Remember all this color, son. It’ll be another year before you see everything in grey.”
The young kid turned to look at his mother. “When can I see every

L O V E   W I N S  (Orlando Tribute) by thoughttrainderailed


Art Feature made by Lucien W.
 (Gene's brother)

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Thank you so much for the feature!
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Are there any more parts for this? Just curious :)
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Thank you! This is really cool. c:
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que lindo feature :huggle: muchas gracias Raziel :rose:
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Thanks so much for the feature :)
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Thank you so much for the feature, it's means a lot to me ^^
And I'll definitely check out some of the artist in here!!
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Thank you for the feature!! I'll definitely check out some of the other artists in here!! <3
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Thnks for the featureee !! :D
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thank you very much :D
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Thank you for puttin mine there Cheerleader 
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Awesome feature, as always, so much pretty art! :la:
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Thank you so much for including me! [ YURI ON ICE ] :Viktor Nikiforov: 
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Theses are amazing!
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Thanks you for the feature! Heart Love 
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Thank you for the feature!Heart Hug 
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Thank you so much for the featuring my work amongst these beautiful artworks! I'm honoured to be a part of this wonderful feature!  
I truly appreciate it :love: :heart:
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thanks for the feature!!
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Thank you again~ :3
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Thank you very much for this feature! Yuuike really is my personal best.
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Thank you my sweet angel and my sweet brother for include me in this wonderful feature . :hug: :hug:

psssst brother,,,,,, beware of your fingers, cuz my angel will bite them, cuz you want hit his head for give you much work =D =D =D 
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EEEK! Oh my gosh! Thank you so much for the feature! :D 
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Thank you for the feature. Nice work everyone!
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