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Beautiful artworks that I saw this week...
Enjoy it!

My latest artworks

The Angel of wishes by Ellysiumn

From Heaven to Earth... by Ellysiumn

Amazing Artworks

The Portal Of My Dreams by kimoz

Burial Grounds by neverdying

Moving On by Paulo-Bert

Always by Teddy-Cube

The spring fairy-A tavasz tundere by ladyjudina

White Lady by SeventhFairy

La fille d'Hades by Le-Regard-des-Elfes

The soul collector by gotman68

Magical Symphony by DenysDigitalArtwork

Pumpkin Angel by feanen-Mely

end of the novel by Orwald

Mystery stroke Night by Fajralam

It's not just a Garden by vampirekingdom

Flame-y by sakimichan

A place to go home by Teddy-Cube

Of Flame and Blood by neverdying

Rainbow2 by sakimichan

Poison Ivy From Batman DC by ArtML30

Feather head by UsagiO-O

The Happiness in Pain by Kurtzan

Summer..oil on linen by xxaihxx

Touch The Sky by Corvinerium

Rose Red by DSillustration

Witch by Helga-Helleborus

Sound of Silence by marinsuslic

TOKYO 2369 by ERA-7

Her Only Friend... by xpripri81

Faces of War by peroni68

Korra Aura by Artgerm

Warrior Queen by LucasValencio

Barbara by leejun35

The Maturation Of Nature by MoodyBlue

The crossing of our steps.. by ChristineAmat

Bewitiched................. by pjenz

Storm by KarinClaessonArt

Have you all a great day!



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vampirekingdom's avatar's a great honor!!!Thank you so much for this and I'm sorry for the late response!
Ellysiumn's avatar
no problem my friend. Im glad u like it!
You're welcome! :heart:
Helga-Helleborus's avatar
Thanks for including me!
Ellysiumn's avatar
you're welcome :heart: !
marinsuslic's avatar
Thank you so much for featuring my image! :D
Ellysiumn's avatar
you're welcome! :heart:
neverdying's avatar
Great feature, thank you for including 2 of my works! :)
Ellysiumn's avatar
Thank you so much, glad u like it !
You're welcome! :hug:
neverdying's avatar
You're welcome :highfive:
MoodyBlue's avatar
Thx for the FEATURE my dear friend... I have no much time to my DA activities in last days!
How are you? ...and your health?
Ellysiumn's avatar
You're welcome my friend!
Not fine my friend, im in chemo and radiotherapy sessions and im more dead that alive :) :hug: :heart: 
big hugs to u, hope u having a good day !
MoodyBlue's avatar
I am praying for you... be hopeful Raziel! I have serious health problems in 2010... almost dead, but I am ok now! :hug:
Ellysiumn's avatar
Uff sorry... i know... I have faced death many times, I have suffered many cardiac arrest this year because of complications and keep fighting and continue with these treatments that I can not let it keep me alive but slowly killing me also-...
Im very glad u are fine now, much love to u my friend.
Thank your so much. :heart: :hug:
MoodyBlue's avatar
I am praying for you my friend! :heart:
Ellysiumn's avatar
You're welcome! :heart:
xpripri81's avatar
This is an amazing selection of artwork!
I'm honored to be a part of it, thanks so much! :D
Ellysiumn's avatar
You're welcome! :heart:
Kurtzan's avatar
Thank you so much my friend to include my work in your beautiful feature of amazing artists ! :hug:
Ellysiumn's avatar
You're welcome my friend! :hug:
Le-Regard-des-Elfes's avatar
Thank you very much Raziel for this beautiful feature! :love:
I hope you feel better :hug:
Ellysiumn's avatar
Im in chemo and radiotherapy treatments and for six months... I have bad days but i try motivate me always with my art, this help me much.
Big hugs! :hug:
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